Grala Undersky



⋆。°✩❖ Grala Undersky ❖*:・゚✧*:・
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༻❁༺ All you knead is loaf. ༻❁༺
Bonus image (sketch)
Age: 35
Race: Halfling
Gender: Female (she/her)

Physical description:
Grala Undersky, a kind-hearted halfling, stands petite in stature with a warm smile that lights up her face. Her arms bear a subtle muscletone from years of kneading dough, a testament to her craft. Adorned in a checkered apron, she exudes a sense of comfort and invites all who cross her path into the world of her delectable creations.
History and aspirations:
Grala Undersky embarked on a journey to share her delectable treats with the world. From humble beginnings in a small village, she honed her skills, spreading joy and warmth through her delicious creations. Now, with a rolling pin in hand and a smile on her face, Grala seeks new adventures as she pursues her dream of running a bustling tavern in the vibrant city of Luminion.

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POV: Someone had the audacity to say they were still hungry..
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