Event Announcement He is coming. - The Lord of Bones, Chapter III [!]



[!] A cold chill can be felt all over Eden. As the winds howl past you it almost sounds like a freezing sigh of relief.

[!] A dusty parchment is nailed on the notice board of every major city and town, reading a brief message.



I thank thee for thy brave service. The Age of Reaping is over. The pillar is restored.
Now, the almighty Lord of Bones shall return to Eden once more to take care of thy souls.

His summoning will happen at the dawn of Lilith's Veil when the Veil between realms is at its thinnest.
All are invited to meet his undying majesty as the ritual completes. After that, his kingdom will rise.


Mordazan the Emissary, first herald of the Lord of Bones


[!] Something stirs in Magna Attia. Animals around Raevendrecht seem in constant distress, dogs bark all night long at the forest's edge. Shadows lurk in the fields around New Wakkerdam..
They are massing down there.

OOC: The summoning of the Lord of Bones happens on the 29th of January, 21:30 CET / 3:30 PM EST.
The Bone Pillar close to Akhmat's Tomb in the desert of Anjyarr.

For those who wish to oppose his summoning, time is running out. Act quick.


Dain would stare at the notice board of al-jabrid tense but not afraid" while all nations are scoubaling amongst themselves they allowed this to happen , this world is doomed aslong as all races can't work together he would stop looking at the notice board and simply continues to walk but think in himself i guess the guards of the faithfull will have to save eden then