Hey, You! || The Royal Dominion of Auyarelle


Sleep Paralysis Demon
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A weathered yet elegant-looking parchment has been carefully affixed to every notice-board, capturing the attention of passersby; two words catch your attention before anything else.

─────☼⊱༺ ♰ ༻⊰☼─────



Are you a tiefling seeking refuge after the unsettling and perilous era of Nous?
Do the ceaseless travels and nomadic lifestyle start to weigh heavily on you?

The Royal Dominion of Auyarelle is blossoming, and a chance awaits you. As of right now, we are currently working on the construction of our beloved settlement.
Our council will start making appearances and we are going to be actively engaging in multiple events.

If your heart resonates with the desire to contribute and join the tiefling cause, write your name below this parchment.

𓃵 Signs,
Athelina Louissaint, Adeline
Zephyra F. High Council
The Council of the Royal Domion
─────☼⊱༺ ♰ ༻⊰☼─────
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A tall man of dark blue skin with a scar down his eye saw the paper and smiled, he was going back home, he hoped it wouldn't interfere with his plans, but nonetheless, he could have a home again. He pulled a quill and wrote his name down

"Lucien Baudelaire"
The doors of the research library in Norburen creak open slowly and a slouched Constantine emerges from them, he slowly makes it over to the notice board, takes out his quill and almost falls asleep leaning on the notice board. After a second he realizes how pathetic he must look and musters up the remainder of his strenght to write under the parchment:

"Constantine Bleue-Aube"
A quiet, though tall, tiefling passes by. She seemed to be lost. Though as the notice was in her field of view, she checks once. And then again to make sure she was reading it right. Her eyebrows raised at the missive, quickly tried to find something to write with. Her hand writing was incredibly messy-- and barely legible. But through this, you could make out,

"Iseline Frezet"
A Tiefling who knew he needed more allies and a place to stay to accomplish his goal decided that this might be his only chance and decided to write his name below the parchment.

Rocco Dragon"