In The Horizon


I'm watching
[As the sun slowly went down over the hills a figure stood within the snow her eyes rested on the horizon as she reached to remove her mask

"It seems the world finally has gone mad. Worrying about the lesser problems and things that are not dangerous. Framing each other and pulling what little humanity they have left apart."

[The woman looked at an owl landing on her shoulder as she reached to stroke its head]

"It is with great sadness to see this world falter and let the power go out of balance indeed. I never wished for things to go this far. However human or elf they all live by the blade. They don't speak they act, and sometimes too far"

[She reached as she would slide on the mask again as a sigh left her mouth. She handed the bird a few letters as she whispered to it]

"Bring those out and come back, we returning to the roots of our bloodline my dear.

Eden is doomed if they don't stop acting like children at the political tables."

[With that the woman turned to walk out into the snowy hills]

[!] An owl as pure as snow landed at Lapis's window as it would leave one of the letters beside her desk It was sealed with a line of dark frost and not wax.

"Dear Lapis, I have done many things wrong in this world however one thing I know I did and will never regret was calling you a friend. I have long since traveled into the horizons beyond the mountains perhaps or along the roads. It's unclear where this brings me all I know is if this is the pace Eden has taken then there is no hope left here. I will be around if you desire to send a letter, however. Besides that, I am not gonna remain. I also know I went quiet for months things have been hectic up here and I'm not sure of what you are aware of. Hadriana loves to keep quiet however knows that a nation made of rats remains a nation of rats. They do not intend anything but blood and death. If they survive and grow stronger they don't care about the cost, and someday your nation is next. - Lily "

[!] With that the letter would end and a small line of dark frost left as a signature from Lily

[!] An owl as white as the stars landed near the woman flying overhead as a letter was thrown from the skies. A trail of frost lingered behind it before it was gone within the night.

"Dear Nowu, it has been a few years since we last spoke, and I made choices I one day will regret however, I never thought I fully got to speak up with you after all that happened. When you left it broke me however, you had your reasons, It took me months to move on but after about a year I did. I sought you out to speak not for the sword, I wanted to tell more but I was unable to find the words. There I'm saying sorry. I should not have left you in the dark for this long. However what is done is done, I have long since traveled into the night and will remain here for the time being, I hope you understand my reasoning and hope maybe one day we can go back to speaking. - Lily"

[!] The letter was signed underneath with a line of frost it looked darker than normal

[!] An owl Alice might be familiar with would land and rest a letter in her hands it soon flew off with a bunch more to give

"Dear Alice, I hope one day you will understand why I did as I did. I decided it is to the best that I remain within the dark for the years to come, I traveled over the mountains in the distance and we will see where that will bring me. Maybe one day I will return but for now, this is how it has to be. I know you will do great and I'm sorry I was unable to be the proper mother all the time, I had my head too high trying to keep a nation together that was built on peace and hopes for a game that's more dangerous than the sharpest blade. I will remain in the dark however send a letter and I'm sure the birds will find me out here. - Lily"

[!] The letter seemed to have a line of dark frost almost like a signature

[!] An owl would throw a letter into the hands of a wood elf and its golem companion. It soon kept flying out into the night skies not to be seen.

"Dear Yelran it has been a while since I saw you and you achieved quite the magical power and I'm sure you will grow up to do lots of great things, however with that is also to my own sadness to say that I have decided to vanish into the cold mountains and likely arent to return. I hope you will take great care of your brother and sister and I'm sorry I wasn't a mother that was there for you the entire time. I lived my life on the run and seems I always will, but that doesn't mean you have to. - Lily"

[!] This letter had a line of dark frost along the bottom page as a signature from Lily

[!] An owl landed beside the elf before dropping a letter, it seemed to have had many to deliver yet many more to go.

"Dear Zeflore it has been a while since I saw you and it also was a while since you came home, I have never been a perfect mother and I think you are aware of this, however, I tried to shield you from the wind and it seemed to have been for no good, I therefor have vanished. I have always been on the run ever since I was young, and it seems I always will. I ask for you not to seek me out but if you have to then send a letter the birds will likely find me in the north or south. Wherever I may be. - Lily"

[!] The letter had a frost line in a darker pattern as a signature

[!] An owl landed next to the woman. One she might known too well. It left a letter as it disappeared into the night again

"Dear Love dear Onyx. I promised never to leave a promise that I swore to not break, and yet here I am, in the cold north within a mountain writing a letter on a rock and watching the sun go down. I decided it was for the best to leave and maybe not to return, Hadriana arent a nation that has done anything but spill blood and likely won't stop. I hope you find peace one day, a peace I seem never to be able to find. I lived on the run and seems I always will. - Your one and only lily"

[!] The letter was sealed in a dark frost but in a quite unique pattern making small hearts

[!] An owl landed next to the woman in her treehouse, it seemed it had a letter or 2 more to give, However left one on her balcony.

"Arlena I know quite a lot has happened and frankly we barely spoke since all that happened with your wives. However, there are things I never said on the matter that might be worth sharing now. I never once meant to offend you, you have always been a loyal person and at the end of the day, I didn't mean harm in the past nor now. However, the tides have changed and waves seem to rush another way. I lived my life on the run until Avalheim however, once a runner always a runner. I decided to pack my things and leave, It's not with a happy smile I do so, however, Hadriana always lived by the sword and the moment they told me to piss off when I responded saying Avalheim aren't giving their land and was told I had no voice in this I decided its too late to do anything. When Mitrona then proceeded to hand it over it felt quite hurtful, however, I do not blame you, you preventing a war is understandable. However, with that, I drew my line and vanished into the night. If you seek answers you can send a letter however I will not meet in person at the given time. - Lily"

[!] The document was signed with an unnatural line of dark frost

[!] An owl rested a tree as a letter fell into the hands of Hesperas, before far it was gone again out into the night sky.

"Dear Hesperas, I do not blame you for the choices made however it is with that I will disappear into the night, you have given a nation of corruption even more power and they live by the sword. A nation born by rats will remain rats there for Hadriana isn't to be trusted. It's with great sadness I say I have traveled over the mountains and likely won't return. I wish not to be sought out and if anything at all. I desire nothing more. I was on the run since day one and then I made Avalheim. However once on the run always a runner. I hope this letter at least finds you some ease and I wish the best future for you that you can find - Lily"

[!] A small rose of dark frost filled the bottom page as a signature