Event Announcement Invitation to the Stadtholder's Office


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[!] All Citizens of Raevendrecht would be notified of the Stadtholders Office [!]
[OOC: The Stadtholder's Office is an extension to the Estates General and will gather November 28st 21:00 CET+1/ UTC-8]
(Foreign dignitaries wishing to speak with the Stadtholder may also attend if they leave a comment)


All Citizens are invited to attend the Stadtholders Office. The Republic has to establish a temporary government for the 5th Estates General, leading up to the next elections 1.5 years (2 months). The Stadtholders office is open to all those that think of themselves skilled for the position of Grand Pensionary or those who deem themselves worthy of a ministerial function.

The Monthly Agenda for the Estates General will be the Following:
Week 1: An Assembly of the Estates General
Week 2: Stadtholder's Office
Week 3: An Assembly of the Estates General
Week 4: Grand Pensionary's Office

The Position of Grand Pensionary:
The Grand Pensionary, or Raadspensionaris serves as the first among the Regents (OOC: A Prime Minister).
The Grand Pensionary is responsible for establishing a budget for his term and envisioning the legislature and law of the settlement.
A Grand Pensionary has the ability to present a new law to the Estates General and or present a change to the current laws available.
In addition the Grand Pensionary represents the people of Raevendrecht equal to the Stadtholder in foreign politics. Meaning that the
Stadtholder and Grand Pensionary co-operate in their foreign decision making and diplomacy. The Grand Pensionary can also add motions to the agenda
of an Estates General and is responsible for the housing and expanses during his term. A term is always 1.5 years (2 months). To aid himself
in governing the Grand Pensionary can propose Regents for different government functions, for instance trade, agriculture and housing.
The only limitation to the function of Grand Pensionary is that the Stadtholder, as protector of the Republic, above any party politics, is in
control of the Republics army. In a state of emergency can the Stadtholder overrule the Grand Pensionary. As the Stadtholder guards the
traditions and sovereignty of the Republic.

Regents aid the Stadtholder & Grand Pensionary in certain tasks in the governance of the state. They also serve for a term of 1.5 years (2 months). And are thereafter repicked by a new cabinet. Regents are a flexible function. Meaning that a Grand Pensionary can call upon any Regents, as long as the Estates General votes in favour.

Information on the Stadtholder's Powers:
The Stadtholder in the Hinterlands as per tradition has been a hereditary function passed down by the House van Leuveren who acted as protectors of the Hinterlands for hundrers of years. The Stadtholder is the commander-in-chief of the Army and Navy in the Republic. He is also able to appoint judges in the Republic and has emergency powers to ensure safety and exercise law in the Freestate. Together with the Elected Grand Pensionary the Stadtholder will support foreign policy. The Stadtholder himself can not enact foreign policy, such as signing alliance without clearance or ratification from the Estates General. When there is no government the Stadtholder can set up a temporary government working towards the upcoming new elections.

Signed: Stadtholder Prince Silas Moetiour- van Leuveren

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