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Edens Most Controversial
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Join the Honorable Warriors Today!

Show pride in your nation and rise above the rest!

Would you like to rise in ranks? Become more respected? Be more active in the community?
Join us!

In this position, you will. . .
  • Be paid for certain events and activities!​
  • Make lifelong friends and be a part of something greater.​
  • Create a better life for yourself.​
  • Be more respected!​
Requirements to be a Warrior!
  • Be a citizen of Mitrona​
  • Strong dedication to serving and protecting all of Mitrona with integrity and courage.​
  • Physical fitness and mental acuity to excel in challenging situations.​
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team and follow orders diligently.​
  • Willingness to undergo rigorous training and uphold the values of the nation.​
Look for Jolie Elaine Lovell if you wish to express interest!

Glory ce thi Mystical Empire

Khari'cerr Aedan, Pineblossom
Tri'cilus, Jolie Elaine Lovell