Player Event Ladies of Luminion Party


Mitrona's daddy, Khari'cerr
Staff member
[!] A hyper feminine and rose scented poster was hung up on the notice of board of Luminion, for most who lived luminion already knew who it was from that

-=+ Ladies of Luminion +=-
~A night to Remember~

[This is a calling to all the women in Luminion]

Vale fílos! I hope this reaches you all in good hillith
I invite all established women in The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion into the Aey'flir Estate for a night
of relaxation, enjoyment, and socialization!

The estate is south of Luminion by Sapherum Port. Sleeping over is not required but
ladies are more than welcome to stay until the morning. Especially for those who may be too tipsy to get home.

During the Prayer time, as a Scinari I will be around for anyone that wishes for me to pray for them ann
Ller good Hillith ann Bessirs. Party gifts are welcome but not required!

[OOC: Februrary 5th, 4 pm EST]

Here is how the night will go!

Games & music

Free time
Bath house
Midnight Tea & Snacks

I would like to Personally Invite these cill women to join us!
Aeri'cill A'mos Zaithrall
Pricecili Cirlia Zaithrall
Erisdanwe Aedaere

Delightfully signed, Vanessa Aey'flir
A courtier delivers a letter, sealed with the Zaithrall Crest. Inside, shakey handwriting can be read

My many thanks for the invitation Lady Aey'flir, though I regret to inform you that I am severely ill. I will not be able to attend such a lovely gathering, though I hope all goes well.

Pricecili Cirlia Zaithrall


Kharis came upon the notice, considering the date it was posted to occur. A bit late in the week.. she'd not be able to attend in the first place. But not personally invited! This was terrible. She'd cope.