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[!] A letter would be delivered to all houses within the Hadrian Empire, as well as being hung on noticeboards. It carried an, until now, unseen blue wax seal of a raven in flight. In its beak, it held a twig. [!]


After a silence, it is time I finally speak. Where the last was often absent, I do not wish to become the same.

I would like to thank everybody who took the time to vote for me. For those that do not know me, my name is Celestine Brickenden. I am the director of the hospital and have a long history with my work for the Hadrian Empire. I have always done this with joy, so it is truly an honour to be elected as Lady Speaker, and I do not take this title lightly. I will fulfil this duty with pride but hope to remain humble as I do so.

I am picking up where the last left off, and plan to do this in numerous ways. So please, stay with me as I take you through my plans for the future.

Firstly, I'd like to open up my home to those wishing to come speak to me. I have always been an advocate for many, even before I gained this position. Giving advice, comfort, and offering help to those in need was a task I did regardless of my rank. I can now fulfil this task as my job, and thus would like to invite citizens to come speak with me in two Saintsdays, accompanied by a cup of tea and a snack to eat. Many topics can be discussed, and this is all up to those wishing to speak. Critique, requests for advice, or anything deemed relevant for the Lady Speaker to hear. Very little is off limits, and any conversation will be held in private. All will remain anonymous, and I hope to give many comfort and assistance.

OOC date: Friday 23rd of September 8 PM CEST - 2 PM EST

Secondly, for any wishing to contact me in anonymous ways, or for those who are unable to see me, my mailbox will be open all days and hours of the week. I reside on 26 Gryphon Alley. Mail can be put in the mailbox carrying my name. Any mail will be handled and dealt with accordingly. Anonymity is, once again, promised. Do keep in mind that submitting mail anonymously will, unfortunately, leave me unable to respond directly.

Lastly, an important occurrence that has last taken place many Saintsdays ago, is the Kaiser's Court. The absence of such happening has not gone unnoticed and the palace will open its doors again in a few Saintsdays. The Kaiser is truly delighted to speak with the Empire's citizens once more. During the Kaiser's court, citizens may discuss any topics they deem of interest or concern to the Kaiser.

It is expected all citizens treat His Imperial Majesty, his entourage, and fellow citizens with respect. Failing to do so will result in removal from the premises and possible legal prosecution.

OOC date: Thursday 29th of September 9 PM CEST - 3 PM EST

I hope I have provided a clear forecast of my upcoming work, and will expand as I settle into this job.
I hope to meet the expectations set for me and will fight my hardest to do so.

Offerens salutem et dilectionem,
Lady Speaker, Celestine Serena Catalina Annora Brickenden Iomharach

[!] At the bottom of the page, a single blue geranium was pressed into the paper. [!]


Ashlyn Astaseul // Lady Chancellor
Would sigh as she'd close the door behind her, throwing herself on a seat before opening the letter "Hm.." She'd hum with a smile on her face as she'd read through "Well then, it's about time for a 'tea part', no?" She'd place the letter down before continuing on with her prior activities.

Ødger Sahrot Kodaav

House: Mahlov Yol.
*A courier traveled by and hung up new papers on the local boards within the city* hmmm what's this? Lady Speaker? *scratches my head* well that is new to me, she's doing good i see *remains silent for a second to think* Maybe i should return back to Eden and see what changed, Hopefully she reconise me *walks away from the board*