Letter for the Glorious Leader


[!] A young Warrior recruit makes their way up to the gates of Zadh-Nadrozz. With shaky hands and a slightly terrified expression they hand off a letter to the guards, informing them that it is to be given to Rud Rib. A quick bearing of their teeth with a grin is enough to send him running back to Myln’Arbor, having done their duty and delivered the letter [!]
((Do not Metagame this information))

Dear Rud Rib,

My name is Thaniel, one of the Tri’Cilus of Mitrona. Recently, a goblin of yours has been causing quite a bit of trouble within Myln’Arbor. He has a list of crimes under his belt including horse theft, extortion, and theft. Because this is technically his first offense, we will only be banishing him from Myln’Arbor and her territories. I write to you now as a request for you to come and fetch the man and punish him as you see fit, as he is one of your citizens. We patiently await your arrival.

Tri’Cilus Thaniel
Tri'Cilus Gwyn Ore'solis'till