Player Announcement ~Letter of Atonement~

[!] A letter is handed directly to the army waiting outside the borders of Lünburg with the intention of being sent straight to Adelsburg. Copies are spread throughout Hadriana notice boards as well.


Death is an inevitable part of existence, neither avoidable nor should it be prevented. It is a natural order established by Alder long ago. I now understand its necessity, realizing that those whom the Kaiserin has condemned were threats to the empire's welfare and law. Their deaths, displayed as warnings on our walls, serve as a deterrent against disrupting our peace.

I never intended to betray my homeland. My time in Hadriana and the companions I cherished meant everything to me. Regrettably, fear clouded my judgment in the past, leading me to support Zladimir as a means to combat the Bone Lord. Now, I see Zladimir for what he truly is: a coward who preys on the innocent. His disappearance was needed for my mind to clear.

I deeply regret following him and betraying the great empire of Hadriana. I offer a sincere apology to the Kaiserin for spreading falsehoods about her association with voidals, misled by someone I once trusted. I now recognize that the forces of the Kaiser and Kaiserin are our best hope against the Bone Lord. Anyone that disagrees with such is a fool.

I humbly request mercy for myself and my son, Theodore, hoping for an opportunity to rebuild our lives within the empire. If allowed to return, I will renounce my role in the clergy, feeling unworthy to spread Alder's word. Instead, I pledge to dedicate myself to aiding our cause and helping my son to learn the light of Alder.

I, Taffeta Blossom, vow to serve the empire in any capacity possible,
seeking to atone for my past transgressions and contribute to righting the wrongs I have committed.

I have fought against the Bone Lord's minions and have knowledge that may prove invaluable in our struggle against him.
I vow my sword to defeating the enemies of the Empire from this day forth.


The Puppet on the String named to be Haseth walked amongst the dark corners of Adelsburg, her brown eyes being underneath the cover of the darkness upon her cape as she lingered as a puppet dragging it's rods behind it. She had no purpose, nor the knowledge of her endangerment as she crossed these lands. Soon, something caught her eyes, a notice board which appeared to have the name "Death" in the first sentence. From her name being given to her is the word 'Death', just translated into Anjyarri, she kept on reading on. Curiosity went from shear disappointment as she read after the word 'Death'.

"This... isn't about me... at least that's a good sign to say the least..." She said underneath her breathe, reading on till the bottom of the page where it wrote 'Taffeta Bloom' in a strange beautiful format.

"I'm still always confused about this... Bone Lord thing... but I'd rather keep these questions underneath my stitched skin then let myself unravel." She stated to herself, soon tapping her trident upon the ground to set it ablaze, to use as a light as she went on her journey back to the place of her abandonment, the Jungle.

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[!] The soldiers sent Taffetta's message on to Adelsburg and soon returned to her a sealed letter containing a royal pardon.

Welcome back in The Empire