Meeting Invitation to Members of the Order


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[!] On the noticeboards in Salus Limin, Sunscape, Luminion, Lionne and Al-Jabrid hung a piece of paper donned in the
now typical style a certain tiefling wrote her announcements for the Order of Thyst.



Mages of the Order,
Although all of us live spread out around Eden, the order still brings some form
of unity and support we all came for. Perhaps it was simply the knowledge that
you came for, regardless of your reason none of it can be accessed right now and
for that reason the Ipsilus is organizing a meeting for any member of the order to
attend. This meeting has the purpose of discussing the plans surrounding that
supposed lord of skeletons, more specifically securing a front on the eastern border
and eventually the re-opening and expansion of our library so that we can continue
our quest for knowledge. Any Member of the Order or mage is welcomed and if one
is not part of the order a good reason to attend may suffice.

The meeting shall be held in the neutral state of Lionne.


~ Signed, Thyst high council.
Nowù Amadeus Nephele Grace
Maple Nephele Grace
Yelran Roseshade
Elduin Lafarallin Fitzalan-Daeris-De Sylvanus

Krisa Grace Amadeus

Monday the 1st of July at 9pm CEST | 7pm GMT | 3pm EDT
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