Mordrael Morosov


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"The Horn of Hatred"




"You may think I am evil, I am not. I am efficient."

》Mordael Morosov - Alive, Tiefling, 36 - The Horn of Hatred


Basic Info

Mordrael Morosov is a male Tiefling of 36 years of age.
Height: 6"2'

Strength: 10
Defense: 2
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 10

He is the more spiteful of the twin terrors, he acts with spite and purpose lashing out wrathfully even to his own detriment.
He also serves as a Seer of the Kyphraim temple.



A wide framed deep crimson Tiefling of above average stature.

His horns are jagged, rearing back over his head as those of a goat would. He has rather sharp features, but much less jagged in contrast to his brother. His teeth unlike his brother's are only shown in his glares of disapproval.

His ears are slightly more pointed than those of his brother, and his hair is much longer. A solid chunk of hair is kept up in a bun, but the rest drapes down his shoulders and fades from black to white highlights at the ends.

His eyes are amber orange in hue, his pupils and iris' glowing a smidge in similar fashion to his brother. He has no face tattoos as his brother does, but a plethora of scars cover his rugged features.

He typically dawns one of two outfits, either baggy pants with an open jacket which reveals a muscular yet heavily scarred physique. Or he dawns a much more elegant set of apparel, a salmon cape drapes over a shoulder and a sash of the same color around his waist. As his garbs become that of leather musculata curiass with bracers and greaves, and similar yet nicer baggy pants accompany the change in torso covering.



Mordrael is a bottomless pit of hatred and wrath. The world has wronged him in many ways unalike to his brother, who was chained and force into a life of subservience. Mordrael was given a life of freedom, to explore, which in his youth resulted in a much more wide eyed optimist Tiefling. At times this persona slips through the hateful entity which consumes him, yet he is unrelenting even when it does. Mordrael cares little for agony is inflicted upon him at this point in his life, he feels only an overwhelming desire to pedal forth in a rage equivalent to that which the world threw at him.



I. Mordrael believes himself to be right. Always.
II. He speaks loudly, mockingly, and arrogantly almost always.
III. He tends to boast his frame as harshly as he can, attempting to impose upon even those taller than himself.
IV. He tends to lack the self control his brother does, and usually displays his rage whenever he is inflamed.

V. He is rather scholarly, finding value in a strong mind and a strong body.
VI. He HATES frailty.
VII. He HATES disloyalty.
VIII. He HATES abandonment.
IX. He HATES hubris.
X. He HATES individuals who form strong bonds.



Astarov Morosov - Negative
"I have wronged you terribly. Yet I try to recover what we lost in those years I left you. You hate me in return. So I hate you."

The Wulf - Negative
"You are foolish. You do not listen. You are far too much like me. It pisses me off."

Thintrall - Negative
"You are the living embodiment of hubris."

Unnamed She - Neutral
"You and I have limited conversations. But you have helped me much. I am appreciative."

Ludho Calphayus - Neutral
"You are foreboding, you carry an aura I cannot dismiss easily. But your will is mine to command."




The most impactful year of Mordrael's young life was his sixth, when he fled from foreign slavers who abducted his brother. He lost his brother, he could not turn back. He was afraid, he was a child. For the next decade he spent type working on barges to make ends meet, scrambling to feed himself. He was frail and weak, but maintained a rowdy attitude. In his youth he developed a particular closeness to a young hinterlander girl who he sailed with; almost a replacement for the sibling he lost. This girl would eventually attempted to murder Mordrael in his sleep with a fork, leaving him scarred. Following this, Mordrael's more peaceful days seemed to dissipate, as piracy became a daily endeavor to deal with, until eventually Mordrael's ship was over taken with them, and they captured him preparing to sell him into slavery. Mordrael's rage would develop here, this is where his spite comes from. It culminated in that brig, of that rotting vessel, his desire to lash out against a world that had done nothing but to wrong him and his long gone kin. After some desperate asking and convincing with a convoluted web of lies, Mordrael convinced the pirates to permit him to join the crew. Mordrael used the crew to develop his physical abilities, as well as his skill with a weapon. And one evening - while at port. He fled, into the night. After some time, he was roped into a collective by Ludho Calphayus, and agreed on the condition he could have aid in recovering his brother. Which he did. Upon re-convening with his brother, his brother's rage for him was so bottomless, Mordrael's only response was to provide equivalent hate. As they found themselves wrapped up in this collective, Mordrael's only goal is to work as a tool for the collective so long as they continue to allow him to vent, providing an undying loyalty to them for aiding in saving his brother.



Mordrael has trained to make the most of his wide frame.

Melee Combat
Mordrael has made efforts to become learned in both traditional and martial combat.

Mordrael finds importance in both a strong mind and a strong body.

Battle Command
Mordrael has through experience, reading, and interaction with what few military commanders he could, acquired a minimal understanding of military tactics.

Years at sea as both a sailor and a pirate have resulted in Mordrael learning a thing or two about how to sail.

Manual Labor
Mordrael is proud to admit his efforts to become stronger which proved fruitful, capable of applying his physical prowess to any mundane activity requiring it.

Mordrael is spiteful, hateful, and destructive. In all aspects he carries these parts of himself, and approaches everything with belligerence.