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[!] Letters were dispersed throughout each colony of Mitrona. They were nothing fancy, only simple stained letters with decent handwriting. It reads the following.
[Do not metagame this information.]

(Marketday 30, Starfall, 1549)

The Emerald Dusk

Mi subjects es Mitrona,

I have received news from the west end, that the fight amongst the Lord of Bones has only begun. And it is intensifying by the day. I am afraid we cannot sit idly any longer as this means imminent danger to our Arbor. Our Forest that we protect and fight for. It is only a matter of time before we, the Azari'cerr race, are targeted. I cannot let that happen, so I am urging my kin to fight.

This by no means will be mandatory. Though, for one time, I am calling my subjects to collectively judge this situation for themselves. However, think of the long run. I trust every citizen to make a decision that is best for themselves. We are a needed race in Eden. With Kharash's strength and willpower guiding us, and the wisdom from the spirits, we have something that the rest of the lands cannot provide. This is why we have been protected extensively and have been capable of standing on two feet confidently. Now is the time to realize that the Lord of Bones needs to be halted before ever reaching the Forest.
Khari'cerr, N’vaestīl “Izara” Vobisere

OOC: A meeting will be held in Hadriana talking about a plan on the 12th. The official battle is on the 13th. Join at your own risk.
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