Event Announcement -=+=- Official Re-Opening of Al-Jabrid's University -=+=-


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This notice would be hung on all the notice boards in Anjyarr,
displaying this information for anybody to read.


Greetings to all that read this,

For quite some time our incredible nation has not been able to spread our knowledge
across The Empire of Anjyarr. Many resources we have currently are waiting to be shared
and resources to be explored and discovered.
The Empire of Anjyarr has so much to offer and so much we can grasp yet we’ve been
sitting around idly, aimlessly looking for opportunities to present themselves.

With that being said,
it would be my greatest pleasure to invite you all to attend the re-opening of the University of Al-Jabrid.
At this joyous occasion, I hope to bring back the tradition and fundamental
essential of educating our citizens and visitors to our lands of The Empire of Anjyarr.

I hope that we can show initiative and unveil knowledge we never knew Anjyarr and Eden had
as well as give people a safe and fun environment to learn. I also wish
the opening of our University presents the opportunities to learn that we've been waiting for.
The teachers for the University are well trained and friendly,
ensuring we reach our aims to educate the students we hope to have with creating
such a friendly and open classroom for lessons to take place with capable and willing students.

The following few people will be teaching:

Lapis Cupiditatem
will be teaching Aquamncy to one promising student to begin with.
Ryn Kajh'zari
will be teaching The Arts to all in attendance to her lessons.

While we do not have many professors we are always open to accepting more!

An entertaining and engaging first class will be held for our subject of The Arts.
What is to be expected is simply a fun and carefree opportunity to get a taste
of what our professor of that wondrous and creative subject has to offer.

All are welcome and all are encouraged to join in our event to happen exactly 3 weeks from today.

Lapis Cupiditatem.


Lady Lapis, Tiefling of the High Council.

The event will take place Saturday 26-11-2022, 8 pm CET, 2 pm ET.
Al-Jabrid's University.


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