Event Announcement [OOC] Extra combat actions for the Bone Lord Event Line


I welcome you all to this silly post.
After our events during the Bone Lord events, we noticed that there have been many, many boring moments. Even with slicing the actions up into squads instead of per person. For this reason, Catins, Ghost, and I set down to write up a few extra actions and moves that can be used during the fighting for the future of Eden.


Combat Actions
Defensive Pose
Requirements: Shield.

As an action a character can take up a defensive pose, adding a +4 to all their defensive rolls and reducing all damage by 1. During this defensive pose they cannot move and it lasts until the start of their next round.

Wide Swing
Requirements: Axe.

As an action a character can use their axe to swing in a wider area, this targets the closest 3 targets in a 2x3 area in front of them with a D20 strength attack roll dealing 2D2 damage to each target hit.

Requirements: 3 archers (either bow or crossbow, can mix).

A total of 3 archers can use their actions collectively to fire a volley of arrows in a 3x3 area within 20m of them, one of them rolls a D20 agility roll, every creature within this 3x3 area (friend or foe) needs to make either a D20 defence roll or a D20 agility roll to block the volley or take 3D3 damage.

Cavalry Charge
Requirements: Mounted on a horse & Wielding either a trident or a sword.

When running a minimum of 10m in a straight line at a target they can use their action to make a charged attack using a D20 strength roll with a +2 bonus to the roll dealing the maximum damage that weapon can deal in one blow if hit.

Requirements: Sword.
A character with a sword can forgo one of their attacks to gain a +2 to their defensive rolls until their next turn.

Medical Actions
Medics are specially equipped characters, they must be declared from the start and have access to these special actions. Medics are however limited to only wielding either a shield or a sword due to needing their hands to tend to the wounded. Any medical action that requires medical supplies will use those medical supplies. A medic can carry a maximum of medical supplies out of the tent for 3 medical actions.

Medical Tent
Somewhere in the backline can be a medical tent for the medics to stock up on medical equipment to use for Quick Patch-up and for them to tend to the wounded. Whilst a medic is in the tent anyone can come up to the tent and get themselves patched up.

The patching up takes 2 actions of a medic within a total of 3 turns (a maximum of 1 turn can be without an action being taken to patch up) and 1 set of medical supplies, this restores 2D2+1 HP to the character. Whilst being patched up the character being patched up cannot take any actions or move. If the patching up ends prematurely it only restores 1 HP.

A medic can also stabilise a downed person at the medical tent as an action, this can be done after that person has been safely dragged to the tent. This will prevent any further maiming of the downed character for as long as they are kept safe.

The maximum amount of medical supplies that are stored in a medical tent is determined by its size.

Quick Patch-up
Requirements: Medic status & Medical supplies.

During CRP a medic can use some of their medical items like bandages to patch up someone mid combat, with this action the person gains back HP equal to the total damage they took within the last turn to a maximum of 3HP restored and a minimum of 1HP. This can only be done once per character and to a limit of 2 times per medic.

Safety Dragging
Requirements: One free hand.

A medic can drag someone to safety from the front lines, as an action, this reduces their movement by 4m and the medic can only use their action to dash whilst dragging the downed character if they succeed a DC12 strength check.

Medical Attention
Requirements: Medic status & Medical supplies.

A medic can use an action on a wounded person within touch range to patch up their wounds. To do this they roll a D20 Intelligence;

  • On a 3 or lower they worsen the wounds, dealing 1 damage to the target.
  • On a 12 or higher they patch up the wounds mildly, restoring 1HP to the target.
  • On a 16 or higher they patch up the wounds nicely, restoring 2HP to the target.
  • On a 20 or higher they nicely bandage up the wounds, restoring 3HP to the target.​

Bardic Actions
Instruments can be bought from the 3d item store, within CRP they are 2 handed and allow you to take Bardic Actions. They can be attacked with but follow the Unarmed weapon profile when doing so.

Requirements: An instrument.

As an action a character can play their instrument to inspire those around them. When they do so all characters within their squad receive a +2 to all their stat rolls for that turn. (A squad can only have 1 bard and only be affected by 1 Inspire at a time.)

Siege/Artillery Actions
Note for everything in this category: Every single piece of equipment can be used with less than the required amount BUT! Per 1 person missing, it will take extra action to operate said equipment.

The Ballista requires 2 personnel to operate properly. It has two different bolts it can shoot. One that affects a large area around the impact point, and one that aims to bring down bigger targets, focusing on that single target. The weapon's range is 30m. The Balista is shot with a D20 Agility roll.

- First ammunition: 4D3 dmg in a 3m radius.
- Second ammunitions: 12D2 dmg to a single target.

The Scorpio only needs 2 personnel to operate it properly. It has only one kind of ammunition, which is nothing more than an upscaled version of a crossbow bolt. The weapon is more limited in range than a Balista, but thanks to its small size and light ammunition, it is able to fire more rapidly than a Balista.

-The Scorpio is fired with a D20 Agility roll. It is able to be fired twice per action, each successful hit dealing 3D2 dmg. The weapon's range is 15m.

Dragon Slayer Balista
The Dragon Slayer Balista is a slightly larger version of the regular Balista, specialized in taking down large, single targets. For this reason, it is able to reach further, having a range of 50 meters. But, because of its size, it needs 3 personnel to operate it properly. It is only able to shoot a single light, bust fast-moving bolt that deals 14d2 dmg if it strikes the target. The weapon is fired with a D20 Agility roll.

There will be more added as the event continue on!
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