Nation Announcement ~Privatized Report of the Wasp Incident~

The Wasp Incident


The following is a privatized report of the Wasp Incident sent in good faith to the Kaiser, and Kaiserin to delineate further engagements with the voidal creatures stemming originally from Dar’azur. At Kaiserin Veredra’s request all information regarding the Dar’azur excursion will be included for context. Topics will be divided into confirmed information and speculation for clear distinction. Public report to be put together at a later date.

Dar’Azur - Status: Front chamber cleared of voidal threats, contamination present.

Originally sealed by Eldrion Aedaere, the hold contained what was thought to be two demonic threats amongst other voidal creatures. Confirmed amongst the investigation was the Rot Lord, thought to be behind the insectoid incursion. Included were the insectoid children, and the Blood Ooze thought to be tied to the demon Sangris. While the recent excursion cleared out the Rot Lord, the Blood Ooze, and one of the wasp children referred to as Poppy (Fifth Iteration), there is still honey-like demonic liquid blocking the further chambers as well as the aggressive fungal corruption tied to the Ooze. The Rot Lord was only enraged when having taken the Artifacts within the hold itself. Further expedition’s have been considered with Luminion’s aid to further clear the corruption at a later date now that threats have been quelled from the main chamber.

Speculation: The Rot Lord is believed to be responsible for the voidal insects, also having a hand in the creation of the insect children. Some relationship was had between Sangris and the Rot Lord, the insects capable of consuming the aggressive fungus without injury…

The Rot Lord - Status: Slain.

Thought originally to be an insect demon, The Lord of Rot appears to be the origin point for the spread of voidal insects throughout Myln’Arbor, and likewise the western countryside. Appearing to be an undead of sorts, it was capable of raising skeletal and rotting soldiers to its aid. It also appeared to command the insects within the hold, however, this could also be due to the Insect Child's aid being given. Due to its power of decay, one can assume it is somehow tied to the Insect Children who portray a similar ability.

Speculation: The Rot Lord appears to be the main source of the insect spread, however, despite its power’s of decay there persists the honey-like substance the insects become when slain that seems to be blocking further entrance to the holds chambers. This suggests an antithesis to his powers, gluttony for having taken the insects lives… Another plausible conclusion is something deeper within the holds chambers which spawns the insects in question.

Blood Ooze - Status: Slain.

Acting as a source of the fungal corruption, this slug like entity appears to operate on the behalf of Sangris through pieced together testimony of the Insect Children. Based on drawings of Poppy (Fifth Iteration), it appeared capable of wearing another being's corpse one would assume through usage of Hemomancy.

Speculation: Based on the children’s opinion of Sangris, it’s plausible the Ooze acted as a way for the demon to gain some level of tyranny inside the hold. Little can be truly said about her involvement with current information.

Insect Children - Status: One remaining.

Plausibly the most contentious issue concerning the Wasp Incident, six iterations of the insect children spawned from the hold. Originally her appearance matched that of the wasps, however, slowly with each iteration while not losing her mandibles she began to appear more humanoid and speak more clearly. The fifth iteration (Poppy) was docile, and childlike, not understanding the concepts of demon or evil. When it was explained people feared her appearance the child almost attempted tearing off her insectoid parts. On top of this, the child was capable of marking individuals subconsciously to protect them by her own explanation. One such individual was Finzian, however, little more can be said about the mark. Poppy desired to gather honey from the other insects in order to grow strong enough to defeat Sangris who she referred to as Mean Mom. Incredibly powerful, the child was not only capable of regrowing limbs but could also summon massive fireballs falling in line with the different elemental wasps as outlined in Andre Von Joy’s bestiary journal. Following a marked elves request Poppy breached the hold in attempts to gather the artifacts within, nearly dying in the attempt only to be later slain at the Dar’azur excursion. It was this near death experience that led to the sixth iteration dubbed Pilz. Much more eloquent in her speech, and equally volatile. Pilz is less docile and more prone to violence due to the eradication of the other five iterations, believing communication is no longer a viable way to survive amongst us. She has since disappeared with the rest of the wasps which were once outside the Dar’azur hold after her fifth siblings confirmed death.

Speculation: The children are a confusing phenomenon, voidal in nature but capable of mimicking humanoid traits and so too acting to the benefit of others with what appears to be no hidden motive. While it is likely now there is little option but to fight, it is worth noting this oddity due to the clouded truth of their origins. Seemingly having a connection not just to the Rotted Lord but so to the demon Sangris… Something else is in play yet to be uncovered.

Insect Legion - Status: Missing.

Among the demons in play, there are many variations of voidal insects beginning to spread across Eden, mostly notably the different wasps. Frost wasps are blue in color capable of freezing, explosive wasps a red color (and are self explanatory), golden wasps block the usage of magic, and finally the regular wasps themselves. On top of this there are other insects, butterflies who cause paralysis if not dancing in rhythm and fire off magical darts, moths which attract other insects to their location, a giant dragonfly capable of blinding those who stare at it, centipedes of a massive size, and finally worms which stay beneath the earth setting purple bulbs as traps for those unsuspecting and curious.

Speculation: While many have disappeared from the entrance of Dar’azur, it is probable to assume they’ve begun moving west to find a new foot hold prior to the defeat of the fifth insect child.