Nation Announcement Raevendrecht's Civil Office


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Raevendrecht's Civil Office


Fellow citizens,

Our city has recently been expanded it's eastern borders.
This expansion included some very important buildings.

I am glad to finally announce that there now is a Civil Office.
In this office it is possible to request an accommodation,
as well as applying to become a shop-owner.
This office also includes a help-desk about our farmlands,
ideas can be given here or anything relevant.


DayTime (UTC+1)Departement
Monday8PM - 10PMHousing (Dominika)
Tuesday8PM - 10PMTrading (Alice)
Thursday8PM - 10PMHousing (Dominika)
Friday9PM - 11PMArgiculture (Jinx)
Saturday9PM - 11PMTrading (Alice)

Grand Pensionary Dominika van Gravendrecht
Regent Alice van Leuveren

Regent Jinx van der Bijlkrijger - Sillico

Openingshours are times that there are people available to roleplay, but if you DM the needed person you can also arrange a meeting.