Recognition and Mutual Defense


André von Joy
[!] Copies of the treaty would be posted all across Eden's noticeboards overnight, put up by tall robed figures who seem to wobble at the top and have mostly empty sleeves where their arms would be. The copies themselves are printed on fine parchment made of tanned wolf's skin and bear the seal of two nations. The conditions of the treaty appear to be written down twice, once in common and once in orkish.

Non Agression Pact of The Faul Tide of Zadh Nadrozz and The Principality of Volgrad

Article I: The Dominion of Zadh Nadrozz recognizes the Principality of Volgrad as a separate entity from the Empire of Hadriana and as its own, independent nation-state.

Article II: The Principality of Volgrad allows faluskins to freely roam within its borders and will not make laws or rulings that take away this right or persecute them in any way.

Article III: The High Contracting Parties agree to aid each other in times of war via full-scale military support.

Article IV: The High Contracting Parties agree to only settle future disputes that may arise through peaceful, diplomatic means.

Article V: The High Contracting Parties agree not to aid a nation with which the other is at war and to not join any international bodies that conspire against the other.

Nun Agrez'un pakt 'o Da Fau' Toid o' Zadh Nadrozz 'n' Da Prizpalte 'o Volgrud

Articl I:
De Domin'on 'o Zadh Nadrozz rekgnozez de Prizpalte 'o Volgrud az a zepret enteteh fram' da 'mpiuh 'o 'adrianah 'n' az et's oon endepndnt nasun-ztateh.

Articl II: De Prinzpalte 'o Vogrud ahlows 'aulskunz ta freele rom weden iz bodahz 'n' wel nat mak lowz r rulinz dat tak awa' dis roight r perzekute dem en aneh we.

Articl III: De 'oig' Condrakten Pardehz aree ta 'oid echodah en toimz 'o waagh via full-scal mili'aregh zuparth.

Articl IV: De 'oig' Condrakten Pardehz aree ta onleh zetl futah dizputz dta moi aroiz trug' pezful, dilomatehk minz.

Articl V: De 'oig' Condrakten Pardehz aree ta nat ta oid a nasun wid wich de odah on ez a waagh 'n' ta net jon aneh indrnasunul bodiz dat cozpoiah aginzt da odah.

Zladimir de Tiri

Da Chieftain Rud Rib Amadeus
Cricket squinted her eyes at the notice, before soon getting distracted by a flower near, running off and having remembered not a single word
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Veredra strolled through the main square as she usually does. As she walked past the notice board, something caught her eye. A fresh parchment. A pact? Her curiosity piqued, she stepped closer, her eyes narrowing as she read the bold headline. Her lips curled into a smirk as she reached the end. The hypocrisy was staggering.

"So, Zladimir," she sneered, "Ze mighty hunter, ze one who once prided himself on purging ze Faulskin from our lands, ist now groveling for their support. How ze mighty have fallen. Ich suppose when du are desperate enough, even ze enemies du hunted become convenient allies."

She laughed coldly, but lowly, "What ein sight it must be, seeing du bend ze knee to those du once despised. To join forces with those du claimed to hate, just to keep dein grip on power. Or perhaps du are running out of allies. But zat what du are. Ein desperate, hypocritical fool willing to sacrifice any shred of dignity."

Her smirk turned into a mocking smile as she neatly folded the notice and stowed it away, continuing with her stroll.
Konrad von Drachenfels was meticulously grooming his horse when a Bruder approached, handing him a parchment. He read it with a growing look of disgust, then burst into mocking laughter. "Zladmir de Tiri, making pacts with Orcs?" he scoffed, shaking his head. "From ein hammer of justice to ein craven fool. Betraying Ze Empire for ein shred of false power. His wife's probably another of his 'accidents', Ze Filthy Kinslayer."
He crumpled the parchment and tossed it aside, his eyes cold and unforgiving. "Ein Traitor making deals vith beasts. Vatt ein joke."
Adelhard Tragen traveled atop the new horse he helped grow across the years of his training alongside his mentor. Strolling down to the west to gain more food and other supplies to the many other animals that kept refuge within the stone walls. Alongside one of the fence posts, did he happen to stumble upon a particular pact, written in a language he knew well enough, and another in one he'd least expect. The Attian's emerald eyes reading line after line in a puzzled expression, smooth skin turned to wrinkle and the small smile that the squire had, turned to a mouth drop. He'd take the parchment, opting to show this to his superiors, but not without making a remark for himself.

"Only now, have I learned that the scent of desparation is akin to ink."