Recruiting Professors!


Hippopotamus' Psychiatrist
[!] A poster would be hung up on every nations notice board!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Luminion College of Magic and Sorcery is looking for professors,
who are willing to fill in positions of the next few classes:

- Beast and Creatures professor 🐾
- Herbology professor 🌿
- Professor of Azari Languages 📓
- Musical studies professor 🎶
- Creative writing professor 📰

With the reform of our Youngling education class, we are offering 2 new Counselor jobs, who will help our 2 NEW youngling education professors to form a new youngling education plan which will help our youngest to follow a rightful path towards enlightenment.

Do you think You are capable of teaching a class? Come to The Luminion College of Magic and Sorcery for a job opportunity!

Headmaster Erisdanwe Aedaere
Deputy Headmaster Aldail Laemoth Thrammour

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