Nation Announcement Response to the Official Proposal of the Partitioning of Avalheim


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[!] A message is delivered to the royal palace of Mitrona, the chieftess' hall of Avalheim, the Kaiser's palace in Adelsburg, and Luminion's royal palace

Fellow monarchs and governments of Eden,

The current state of affairs on the world stage has not gone unnoticed in these northerly stretches of the continent. It is clear as day to all sane men that we are once more at the verge of a war of unprecedented scale. Our differences with our southern neighbours may be many, but in the face of this elven expansionism we find common ground. Never before have we seen the fragile balance of nations that retains our peace shift anything like this. Never before have I seen a people act with such reckless carelessness to global diplomacy and communications as we have seen this elven empire do in front of our very eyes. All of a sudden, the Empire of Mitrona borders the Tzardom, their expansionist ideas directly threatening our human world. Not a word addressed to us has been received from the Empire of Mitrona concerning this annexation of Northern land.
I was on good terms with Lily Roseshade, having gone as far as setting up a brand new ferry to facilitate travel in the North, together.
Yet now I can only assume she has definitively chosen to betray our Northern brothership in favor of Mitrona. Left alone once more by our northern brothers and sisters, we have no choice but to defend our interests in the face of this global crisis.
It is thus that I entrust the Hadrian Empire with the responsibility of dividing the Wyrm Islands fairly and responsibly among the human peoples.
The Tzardom of Raevkov however, cannot accept the second proposal, for we have no desire to take Avalheim as a vassal.

I urge the government of Mitrona to accept the first proposal, lest the world wage war once more.

With complete devotion, The Tzardom of Raevkov shall continue to protect the North against expansionist entities, as we have done before, and will continue to our last dying breath.​

Tzar Matthijs van Oudkerken