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The Victorious Knight's Seal
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'A Testament to Mortal Triumphs over Demonic Forces'


While wandering a good distance north of Lunburg I came across some sort of abandoned structure! It was made from a sort of ancient black stone, and standing in the middle of it was a finely crafted statue of a knight holding his sword upwards in victory. While there the first time I didn't find out too much besides that.

The next time I visited though I had a friend! They'll go unnamed for the purposes of this little thingy I'm writing. Together we delved down the steps that lead deep into the earth, and eventually came to a sealed door in a small room lit by candlelight -- how were these candles still burning? No idea! There was also weird plants growing there and weird blood seeping out from under the door. The plants reminded me of Void stuff I've seen in other icky places before. My friend didn't have a whole lot more to add to what we could see, but the little pets they had with them seemed to react negatively to whatever was sealed behind the door, so we left quickly after that.

On my third visit to the site I brought a different friend and we learned a lot more... When inspecting the door we saw that it was almost rocky, but looked like it was meant to be made of wood. It had no handles or seemingly any way to open it, just a solid rock-wood door with nasty blood seeping out from under it. As we got even closer to try and get a better look at things the blood attacked us! Two spikes went 'fyoom' through the air. Both hit my friend, but I managed to dodge one-- the one that did hit me hurt really bad though, and left the skin around where it hit with a same rocky appearance as the door. A little bit of rubbing got rid of the rocky bits though.

Not long after that a voice began to speak to us from somewhere beyond the door, talking about 'having fun' or something like that. It definitely wanted to eat us though, so we left.


Now I'm hoping to find other brave people who are willing to help end whatever is sealed away in there for good before it has the chance to break free and cause who knows what sort of chaos in the nearby lands. If you're willing to help please let me know! This is super dangerous though, so please only help if you're like a super strong mage, or really good with swords and stuff.


OOC - Heyo! My character has discovered an event site with a seemingly very dangerous being inside and is now seeking those willing to help deal with it. No event date or time has been set as of yet, so just trying to see if there's any interest in this at the moment. If you would be interested in helping out when the time comes feel free to post an IC reaction below, or just a quick little OOC blurb saying you'll help out if you can make it once a time is scheduled. :)
Hey I absolutely hate to do this (as in I am legitimately really sad about it) but some non-negotiable real life shit came up and I probably won’t be able to make it :(


(too lazy to write an actual written forum reply so here's my rp response lol)

Thanks to everyone who participated, and to Catins for running the event!

Another flawless victory against the Void and its minions 😁