Event Announcement The 1532 Trials Results


Mitrona's daddy, Khari'cerr
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[!] A large notice was hung upon the Mitronian Notice Boards

The 1532 Trials Results
The Amber Dawn

Vale Kin as the long awaited results have concluded
5 Participants were tasked to search and hunt down two Beasts of Myln Arbor.
A troll of the north and an Stone golem of the south that fought with no mercy.
5 long weeks
of survival in the Forest, handling injuries, strategizing, and merciless battle.
the follow participants prevailed in bringing the Khari'cerr proof of defeat from each beast:

Warrior Arlena Nevarel-Xaphan
Warrior Myth'cid

Aiswyth Pineblossom
Shalia Chamaire

Orianna Vidarr

A feast will soon be held in in the coming month to honor of their
success and accomplishment of passing their trials, all must bring gifts for
the victors. Please be sure ce congratulate them.

- Khari'cerr Mythanthar Vidarr

Chrysis looks at the flyer, flicking her dice in her hand. She doesn't visit Mitrona often, but any excuse to visit the café is a decent one.
Her eyes bounce between the one named failure and the signature at the bottom of the page. Vidarr... Vidarr. Nobility? The only one to fail?
She snickers, continuing on her way. Good gossip for later, but none of her business for now. How silly.


After coming home from her successful trial, Shalia takes a well-earned nap and bath. Washing the filthy dirt and troll viscera off of her and reapplying the glossy white paint and aquamarine upon her skin that she is known for.