The Aey'flir Heirlooms


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In the world in which we now live, ancestors of the Aey'flir family have come and gone to innumerable reasons. Yet they have left behind their personal belongings, and it is our responsibility to protect them for the sake of our ancestors. This serves as the official record of the House of Aey'flir's current artifacts.


Reliquary of The Mother
This relic was created and gifted to an early Aey’flir. It is said that this relic of the family has been passed down for generations, though its exact date of creation is unknown, it is highly regarded as the oldest relic to exist within the household. Created in honour of The Mother, this relic is enshrined in a container crafted and covered with gold, silver and emerald gems. The relic itself is a smaller statue of The Mother, in its pure white colour indicating the holy status of its contents. It is heavily engraved with lettering and studded on both sides of the base, reading “Mirr Aerièlle thi aeri ller Hillith ann Cillitil”.

The Lavender of Gold
It was reported that this modest but highly important artifact of the House was created by Gae'lin I Aey'flir when he established the House of Aey'flir and proclaimed himself as Patriarch. The Lavender of Gold is a relic which speaks for itself, the Lavender of Gold is a relic which the petals of the lavender is designed skilfully with diamonds to grant it's colour, the stem itself made of gold and the two leaves that accompany the stem made of emeralds. Since then, this artifact has been handed from Gae'lin I Aey'flir through the generations to Fynenar I Aey'flir, the current patriarch. This relic is the oldest in the House of Aey’Flir and must be kept by any patriarch or matriarch who belongs to it. This relic must be placed above the coffin of a deceased patriarch or matriarch until the coffin has been buried and a new patriarch assumes leadership.

Aey’flir Gemstones
When the previous family of the south, a wealthy and powerful aristocratic southern clan renowned for its riches and grandeur, was noted for its gems. Many of the gems were rescued and returned when the treacherous house was destroyed by soldiers commanded by a Gae'lin II Aey'flir, bringing much of the treasures, including their famous collection of jewels. They consist of five lesser sapphires and three enormous green emeralds that have been carved into individual silver and gold brooches.

Aey’flir’s Ruby Tiara
An ephemeral headpiece that swung upward to hold a massive ruby at the wearer's crown. Because Selm gold shines like waves in sunlight, the tiara's use of the finest of Selm gold gave it a glittering appearance. The top princess-cut ruby was expertly set into the metal frame. This tiara was a present from Arthin’dil Aey'flir to his wife, Iirende Aey’flir-Caemire, and it originates from the jewelers of Aey'flir. This tiara displays the riches, influence, and prosperity of the Aey'flir family and is suitable for any of their descendants.

The sword of Gae’lin Aey’flir
A sword that would be wielded in war against the enemies of the land to which the Patriarch had vowed loyalty as the Head of House Aey'flir. The sword is constructed of pure silver and has Aey'flir heritage iconography. The oak tree is located in the center of the sword's guard, and there are branches to its right and left, symbolising the strong and old household. The sword's gold pommel was shaped into the shape of a lavender as a representation of the House of Aey'flir. The quotation "I remain Unconquered, for the Mother watches over me," is inscribed in golden script on the sword's blade.



Fynenar II Gae'lin Aey'flir