Event Announcement The Age of Reaping - Major Campaign Announcement! [!]

[!] A contract delivered by the great Lich Mordazan the Emissary. Players can only know the content of this post ICly after they met with Mordazan himself.


Chapter: 1
A contract from the Lord of Bones


As Lilith's Veil crashes over the lands of Eden like a shroud of mist, the Lord of Bones awakens once more to remind mortal souls
of the sworn oaths taken by their forefathers.

The Lord of Bones, ruler of the shimmering veil of the in-between has safeguarded the passage of mortal souls to their respectful afterlives since the dawn of time.
He who is the true supreme sorcerer of death is now in need of his unknowing subjects, the living of Eden, to assist him to maintain that bridge for souls to pass.
For if this does not happen, all will be doomed to dwell in the void for all eternity.

If the great sorcerer is to succeed in his ritual to save thy skin, he requires immense amounts of bones to construct a great monument to act as a physical bridge between the land of the dead and the living.

Every nation, grouping of mortals, roaming lonely soul, guild, family, widow, and child is expected to contribute to the construction of this monument.
Bones can be delivered to the black obelisk deep inside the Anjyarri deserts. Its location will reveal itself shortly.

The Lord of Bones does not discriminate. All bones are welcome, whether they be your own, your beloved ones, your cattle's, or your enemy's.
All are welcome.

Those who deliver the most bones to the black obelisk will be rewarded with fortune and power beyond imagining.
Those who fail to contribute will befall to the bone tithe.

Time is running out. Death awaits.
Let the reaping commence.


OOC rules:

Bones can be collected in a few different ways. All methods will have to be DM'ed by ET and the bones awarded and counted toward the race will need to have the special ET-approved tag. The event bones are rewarded after the reaping starts.

Reaping rewards table:

-- Cattle --
  • Cow: 3 bones​
  • Chicken: 1 bone​
  • Pig: 2 bones​
  • Sheep: 2 bones​
  • Horse: 5 bones​
  • Donkey: 4 bones​
  • Any other animal: 1 bone​
Reaping of animals can only be done once per player per OOC week.

-- Players --

  • Hand: 5 bones
  • A foot: 5 bones
  • An arm: 8 bones
  • A leg: 8 bones
  • Any other body part: 2 bones
Note that even though reaping the bones of other players will be allowed for the duration of this event, it may not be abused as an excuse to OOCly target other players in any way. To reap bones, create an event request ticket in the support discord and explain your plan. If accepted, you may go ahead and get the bones under ET moderation.

[!] Reaping of bones can start from the 30th of October up until the 13th of November 2022!
The character Mordazan will appear throughout the map before and around that time.

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