Player Event The Collegiorum Arcanorum!


[!] Flyers and posters would be hung all around the settlements of the Hadrian Empire. Newsboys would also spread the news in these places. The flyers and posters would have the College Crest stamped or painted in large size. [!]

We are incredibly excited to announce that the Collegiorum Arcanorum of Adelsburg, otherwise known as the Adelsburg College, has been pre-approved by the Imperial State and clergy of the Makerist Church to open its doors finally. After decades, the citizens of the Imperium are now again able to pick up the pencil and learn about the world of Eden. The school sees knowledge as one thing: a key to many doors. Moreover, knowledge is what the Collegiorum Arcanorum provides!

The doors will open mid-day in a few weeks, on the highest point of the sun. There, Ser Cedric Reinhardt, Imperial knight, Lord of Coin, Lord Treasurer, and owner of the Imperial State Bank, shall open the doors personally and welcome all who are interested in the first class in decades: History of our kin, the Attian ancestors.

All citizens and friends of the Imperium, willing to learn, are welcome, and the school shall greet all with open arms.


The Adelsburg College shall open its doors this Saturday 25th of June at 21:00 CEST / 3:00 PM EST. There will be a history class hosted by Cedric Reinhardt.