Player Event The Elven Forge reopened!


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[!] A message is hung on the announcement board of Luminion and Aerial. On it stands the banner of the Dasa'tra family, with a message underneath for all to read! [!]

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It has been far too long for the forges to run cold, the wood to catch the dust, and the metal to solidify. We speak of the Denur being the master smiths, being the true artisans of steel and rock. But the Dasa'tra family kept the forges running in the Glade Of Dragons.

After many years of traveling the realm, the far lands across the continent of Eden to study the various minerals and cultures of crafting, the smith has returned: Thirion Dasa'tra will reopen the doors of the Dasa'tra Family Forge. The fires shall be rekindled; steel shall be forged into tools and weapons to defend the Azari kin.

The Dasa'tra Forge offers weapons, tools, and armor in the styles of Attian, Khadan, and Azari in various ores, including Blacksteel. For the right price, the many works of art of the forge shall be yours.

To celebrate this event and the rebirth of the forge, Thirion Dasa'tra hereby announces to look for an apprentice to support him in the workplace. But also to pass on the art of wielding the hammer and pliers. Those who show interest in this can come into contact with Thirion Dasa'tra by visiting the Larethael Square workshop.

"Iron is full of impurities that weaken it; through forging, it becomes steel and is transformed into art worthy of wielding by our kin."


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