"The Event" - A reflection of a moment that stands still


Amari would sit at the dock in Mitrona, often where her and Lumosa would chat.

"It was here where I met you. Do you remember?" Amari asks, looking at the stars.
"I told you i wanted to make new friends, and you greeted me as if you knew me for ages"
"You saw I was deathly ill. Not sleeping nor eating. Do you remember it?"
"You healed me. You made me medicine to calm my nightmares, you watched over me while I slept. Do you remember?"
"When I selfishly asked for you to teach me Herbalism, you agreed. Remember?"

"I remember. I remember those moments as if they were as fresh as the air around me." Amari says.

She sighs..looking at the rifts in the lake.

"Remember when you wrote me my first book on Herbalism? The effort you put into it? I do."
"Remember when.."

Amari stops, some tears falling

"Remember when I felt hopeless..and you asked to Adopt me? To be my Aeri? My mom? You wanted to adopt me?"
"Remember when, I said no. Because I felt I wasn't ready?"

"Yet..you still bonded with me. And in time I saw you as my Aeri. You saw me as your daughter."

Her face now flowing with tears..

"Remember the last we spoke? When I swore an oath to protect you, to love you, to die for you? Remember when I said I would give my last breath to save you? I remember it..I held you in my arms that night, comforting you. Comforting my mom who was upset. And my words made you smile. You said you loved me, and I said I loved you."

"And now..today. I walked in, and said "vale mother" with pure love in my heart. Then I saw you..and I saw the note. And now, my time stands still. I do not hate you, I love you very much. If the amount of love I feel for you, could bring you back to life, you would live forever. "

"I called you my sun-goddess once. And I explained that my life is really black and white. With some grey in between that guides me. Like rain forever falling onto me..and then there was you. The sun in my life, who cleared the rain away and made me see color. You were the sun in my darkness. You.."

She sobs a bit

"You saved my life. You saved me from reaching an end similar to yours. You gave me hope..and even though you are no longer physically here. I feel you with me. In each breath, I feel your comfort and love towards me. And as I look up at these stars..I see the ever lasting moon, and the stars above..they reflect you in my eyes. I love you. I really loved you Lumosa, my Aeri. My sun."

Amari holds, Lumosa's geomancy gem tightly in her hand.

"And as your kindness and pure heart lives with me now..I shall pass it on to those I meet. I shall live the dreams you told me of. I shall become the kid you wanted me to be. Its the least I can do..for someone who showed me color. "

Amari would reflect the rest of that night..on all those memories, unsure of whats ahead. But with a glimmer of hope.

Winkle/Lumosa if you ever see this post. Thanks for all the rp. You made every one of them special for Amari and you are a great person. Thank you so much.
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