Event Announcement The hunt for a Draugr

[!] Flyers were spread and hung up everywhere except Mitrona with a drawing of a Tower and the Draugr. Below that, in neat handwriting, is information about an recruitment for an Expedition.[!]

Swamp Expedition - Unite to Battle the Draugr of the Swamps

Swamps Adventure

Calling All Brave Souls!

Gather your courage and rally your spirit for an unforgettable adventure in the treacherous Swamps of Magnia Attia. We're embarking on a mission to vanquish the ominous Draugr that haunts our beloved land. Are you ready to join forces and brave the darkness?

About the Expedition:

Date: To be confirmed, but we're aiming for a weekend excursion.
Meeting Location: Lunburg
Expedition Destination: The Mysterious Swamps - Magnia Attia's Region.
Itinerary: Prepare for the ultimate battle against the Draugr, taking out the broken aqueduct

Who Can Join?

All you daring individuals, whether you're a seasoned adventurer, a fledgling warrior, or a powerful mage, are welcome to join our ranks. this quest is for those who truly seek unity and valor.

What to Expect

Equip Yourself: Arm yourself with your best gear and spells.
Together as one: Join forces with fellow adventurers for an unforgettable journey.
Explore the Uncharted: Traverse the eerie and enigmatic Swamps.

How to Sign Up

Respond to this call, express your desire to confront the Draugr, and we'll keep you posted on the details. As the time nears,
we'll share the final date and a plan of action.

The destiny of Magnia Attia lies in our hands, and together, we shall rise to defeat the Draugr, cleanse the Swamps, and restore peace to our cherished land.

PS: Annoy Raphyol about this in his dms or in roleplay
For yall info, everything except the head of the corpse is up for grabs. Who wants the heart etc i dont rlly care. Tho the head will be used as trophy. Thanks