The Journal of Edwin Arturson



Thunderday 04, Goldscorch, 1527

Bought this in Adelsburg. I think it will be helpful to have. It is said that writing things allows you to remember, and I want to remember these days fondly. I also have not written much before and I'm only going to improve my handwriting if I write too, instead of just reading.

I should start with an explanation. Context. As of last month, I have said my goodbyes and left the family farmstead to become a mage. My pa wasn't pleased, but my brothers and the usual hands can manage the harvest without me, if I haven't returned by then. My ma said she knew this was coming ever since she caught me reading 'that sorcerous book,' Kisho Rovelt-Frack's Theory of Magic and Its Uses. Lucas isn't thrilled, but I don't think he hates me for it either. Lenhard told me he thinks I'll do well, but only when he was sure the others couldn't hear it. Karolin said she'll miss me, and I don't think she believes that I'll ever come back. I hope little Jakob will understand when he's older.

I tried my luck in Al-Jabrid first. I heard that it's the best place to study magic, apart from Luminion. While I was there, I met an Elf woman named Yrya, who shared a handful of dates with me. We introduced ourselves, and she explained the concept of paradoxes to me. We parted ways that evening and I was shown to an inn by a blue woman (!!!) but my experience there was tainted by a theft in the night which left me unable to pay for the rest of my stay. I was forced to return to Adelsburg after meeting a woman named Etain outside the Inn that morning and briefly introducing ourselves.

On the way back, I met an interesting pair of adventurers from that land on my way back- I believe their names were Dolnay and Zalphar, but I can't remember exactly. I met Zalphar and a friend of his, Makhia, in the Adelsburg tavern later. Makhia was unwilling to share much about himself or his friends, except that he had been a Jundi (that country's word for a guardsman) for over a hundred years, and that the new Queen of that land was a tyrant he would not serve. He could or would not say if he or his friends were in danger for leaving.

Another day, I found Yrya again working as a barmaid in Adelsburg, and also learned the names and whereabouts of a few mages:

- Therri'Cill, an Aeromancer in Luminion
- Hesperas Andut, a Geomancer in Mitrona
- An unnamed Aquamancer in Adelsburg

Something else happened that night which I will not write about, because I cannot risk this journal falling into the wrong hands. I worried that I had damaged my friendship with Yrya because of it, but she says she does not blame me. She does seem to hate that I believe I can learn magic, though, and when I jokingly taunted her, saying that I would teach her magic once I had a beard and robes and staff of my own, she became honestly angry. I'm worried about her.

There has also been a Tiefling who has attempted to kidnap Faylinn, the stabbing hobbit girl, twice. Faylinn has also been made a protected witness against another halfling, Bill Bandoras (?), who has been seen committing various crimes and tried to convince Faylinn to join his gang.

The goblin named Rim'hek (?) has put me in charge of his insane goal of remodeling the statue in the town square. I'm going to burn the list of suggestions that Clemens saddled me with and pretend it got stolen.

I also met the King and Queen. I did not realize they were in the tavern until I turned and saw them. I bowed immediately, because in all the stories I've read, you have to bow and wait until you are told to rise again. It took several minutes for that to happen. I think staying bowed over was not correct manners, and I think it amused them. It was very embarrassing.

Last, some good news. Etain spoke to someone, a 'Lady Celestine,' who told Etain she would be happy to teach me magic! In fact, she is going to find me if I don't find her first. I'm eager to meet a real mage and start learning. I know that once I learn a certain kind of magic, though, there's no turning back, so I do want to make sure I make the right choice in the end. Finding out what she is like in person, and what sort of magic she practices would be a good first step.

Maker Keep Us,
- Edwin Arturson
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Harvestday, Second of Sunfall, 1527

The past weeks have been uneventful. Today, though, was discouraging.

Previously, I wrote to Lady Celestine concerning her offer to teach me magic. That was several weeks ago, and I fear that a response will not be coming. In light of today's events, I think Yryanil may have said something to her to dissuade her from teaching me. It's become clear that she can't stand to see me hopeful about anything, and I'm starting to resent her for it.

It began when she flipped my chair in the library, then hit me with another, all because I was reading about magic: She confronted me about what I was doing, and though I tried to disinterest her, she wouldn't let up, and flipped my chair while I was still sitting in it! Then, when I got angry at her, she hit me with another chair! I still have the bruises, faint as they are.

Today, I was trying to enjoy some quiet reading in the library when she saw fit to harass me about magic again. I was trying to avoid her, as I'd seen her come inside and browse around while I was already there, but that did not go well. Someone- I think it was Faylinn- had attacked her and she had the scars to show for it, her face and side being nastily cut. I couldn't help feeling bad for her, and I tried talking to her briefly. She had nothing but the gloomiest things to say, and when I tried to offer an alternative, she went on a rant about failure and how bad being raised in Luminion is. It did sound truly awful, and it explains to me why she's always so upset, but she managed to turn it into a speech about how 'we're all just creatures within the dirt, fighting each other to see the light,' and how 'magic works the same way.'

Then she said she told a mage about what I want to do, and that the mage said it was silly and childish. And from what it sounded like, the mage was Lady Celestine. I bet that Yryanil told her all sorts of lies about me being a stupid child who doesn't know a thing about magic, just out of spite. I think that's why she hasn't written back. Yryanil, going on and on about how only people 'destined' to learn magic will be able to. How this mage she spoke to hasn't had a single student manage to learn, because it wasn't 'fated.' That I don't have the right 'blood.'

I admit that I lost my patience. I wanted to hit her, I really did. I still do. But I didn't.

I think she's trying to make it impossible for me to learn, just so that she can say 'I told you so.'

I'm not going to give up.

Maker Keep Us,
- Edwin Arturson
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so wait, she flipped you out of your chair then hit you with a chair because you were reading about magic…
then flipped you out of it again, then hit you again…



Moonday, Ninth of Rainswrath, 1527

I think I might have a chance after all!

My odds of learning from Lady Celestine are, I'm sure, shot to pieces. It has been nearly three months since I wrote to her, and no reply has been forthcoming- not even to bring me a rejection. I don't know now if I'd even want to learn from someone who would make an offer to teach me, and then leave my hopes dangling and dwindling for weeks on end. No- so I decided to undertake another attempt at journeying to Mitrona, where I hoped to somehow find Hesperas Andut, the Geomancer.

With the image of the bloody, spiked heads that met me last time still fresh on my mind, I took a more direct route- east to Prezza l'Aquila, under the Spine, and through the south of Luminion. After narrowly escaping a ruined, spider-infested village- the creatures were easily the size of wolves!- I found myself facing another road into the Wood Elves' forest- this one far more welcoming. It seemed to be maintained, without the dense vegetation and tight spaces of the northern path. I made good time, and reached at last the timber gates of Mitrona.

By some strange coincidence or providence, I was greeted at the gates by none other than Hesperas Andut himself, though I did not yet know it. I think I was as surprised by his warm greeting as he was by a human wandering so far from our lands. I introduced myself to him in the course of our conversation, and shared a bit of my life, and he did the same, inquiring after Adelsburg and recounting his tour of the ruins of Attia. Soon, though, he asked why I had come to Mitrona, and I answered honestly- explaining my situation, and asking if I could make the decision easier for him- while imploring him to come to an answer without rush, too. He questioned me further, and pressed about why Lady Celestine had rejected me; I could only offer my speculation, that as a poor and young farmsteader, new to the city and unfamiliar with life inside its walls, she likely had other apprentices in mind. He promised to think on my request, and answer me in good time.

I'm staying in Mitrona, as of writing this. I've found meager work to keep my stomach full and a room rented. I wonder what Yryanil is doing? I wonder what became of the situation of which I dare not speak? I wonder if Hesperas will have a decision soon.

As much as I dread what he might say, I've never been more hopeful in this quest of mine!

Maker Keep Us,
- Edwin Arturson