The Librarian's Records: Sacking the Greenskins, Harvestday 26, Newdawn, 1533


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"Order of Lazarus! Tear down this gate!"
The Librarian

Sacking the Greenskins, Harvestday 26, Newdawn, 1533

The Guild:
Total: Seven
'The Librarian'
'Elvish Warrior'

'Da Waaagh':
Total: Ten-Thirteen




The Guild:

Da Waaagh:


We returned to the Orcish hold, armed and clamoring from a fight. Our frustration from the previous attempt fueled our drive this time around- The Order of Lazarus had a duty to uphold its contract, and that one burned so long by hiding in the depths of a fortress grows on my soul every passing day. We had spent the in between time further equipping ourselves, and from all appearances, the Urks had done the same, throwing every bit of scrap they could between themselves and us.

I had heard that the Urk's had held a Tea Time party the previous time, and were preparing to do something similar when they heard us clamoring in their halls, as a sort of mocking taunt. Truthfully, I didn't quite expect to gain entry- For all our weapons and armor, we still had a limited amount of breaching tools, and the Ram that we had forged broke asunder the moment we attempted to make use of it, as if the world realized that with it, victory was sure, and rebelled against the notion, against us.

We entered the inner gates, and as I suspected, the Urks had gathered for more Tea, more mockery of our forces beyond the gate. It looked as if it might just end up being the same as last time, more sitting around as the greenskins jeered and we looked for a vulnerability, never to be found...

Then Huron clicked the first door.

There was a building momentum in our Order. I took to the shield with the Elvish Volunteer behind me- Godwyn moved into the passage to cover Huron, as when he then cinched the second door, the Orcish horde beyond stopped their jeering- They had realized the immediate threat we now posed, and practically stampede over each other at first to figure out a defense. A murder hole inside the passageway was covered up by Godwyn's shield, as Huron went for the final door, with his last lockpick.

The Urk's didn't even wait. Despite superior odds and a chokepoint to hold, the very thought of us breaching their defenses sent a panic through their ranks. Their tea party was abandoned, and they fled deep, deep into their own vaults while we worked to open the final door. They secured themselves inside some manner of vault.

And the Order of Lazarus had free Reign of their hold.

A Rendition of their primary hall.

Not all of the Urk's had secured themselves inside when we breached- Those that failed to do so were threshed like freshly harvested oats. Crates and chests were snapped open and looted, while our senior members considered how to breach the further defenses of the Urks- If not now, then in the future. I, in the meantime, studied the grounds. There is no doubt in my mind any longer that this used to be a dwarvish hold- Underneath the scrap and alterations of the greenskins, is true dwarvish brickwork. The amount of labor that has gone into these halls is beyond what the faulskins could have mustered on their best days.

Yet, that is not all I found.


A living Magam Drake. Chained.

Such a beast chained by the Urk's... It's a terrifying thought. It only further convinces me that their extermination is an absolute necessity- They can not be allowed control of such creatures, in captivity or not.

Thankfully, it is assured. We didn't complete the contract... But we proved we could. So, we will.

We'll be back.

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The accompanying soldiers of the Sapherum Sea Guard ransacked the hold with total dominion and impunity, even going as far as to scalp the orks found inside. The mission objective might not have succeeded, but with a little more planning, the hold of Zadh could have been taken in one fell swoop.


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A jolly halfling in harlequin attire dared to scout about the greenskin's cave, cauliflowered ears near-pivoting to hear just what the racket was. A clashing of steel and a hurried running-away? Lo, he was the one that was meant to be writing the jokes! He lamented to himself.