Event Announcement =[ The Shroom Knight: Chapter 1]=

[!] Throughout each city and settlement, a sprout of mushrooms would grow around the notice boards
along with a notice mysteriously being pinned up overnight in the warmth of the Emerald Dusk

[The Shroom Knight ]
Chapter 1

"The Foreign Helpers"


[!] In the warm atmosphere of the Glade of Dragons rested a Mushroom village in the midst of a forest.
A stressed shroom urgently writing a recruitment notice to the other Mushroom villages and to the people of Eden.

Greetings those from afar, my name is Ethuil, the village head of Poppyville and representative of the Shroom Village alliance, that includes Poppyville, De Bluet, and Twinleaf. Recently I lost my dear daughter to the roaming trolls across Eden. Along with many others from other villages, lives lost and taken from those monsters. Our people are being stripped from our lands and eaten as a relish for dinner. It is time we step up to fight against them.

Which is why I bring forward a proposition to all those who may be interested in becoming A Temporary Shroom knight to any of the three villages of the alliance. The troll who claims to be "Da bozz" is plotting attacks against our homes with little mercy. Shortening our numbers so we ask for your help during these battles. As a Shroom knight you will be rewarded and honored for your service assisting the Mushroom villages.

Thank you for reading thus far. If we prevail this hinderance, we shroom villages will come together to host a festival for all to join in celebration for our victory.

Welcome to the Shroom Villages vs The Trolls mini war!
You are being asked to join one of the three mushroom villages to assist them in fighting against trolls!
Anyone is allowed to join this world event! and it is entirely unaffiliated with anything else going on in Eden.
Just a fun event line for the spring with fun rewards! :)

There will be attacks on the villages from the trolls so just be on alert for when these events happen!

Depending on what village you join could lead to different characters, mini events, and rewards!
Villages: PoppyVille, Twinleaf, De Bluet
(Actually visiting the villages will be apart of chapter 2 so please hold off on that!)

The Story will continue next week!

If you have any questions thus far dm me on disc #MissTy8131 !

Please respond to this forum post with this format to sign up as a Shroom Knight!
Character Name:

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