Event Announcement The Sparkling Inferno


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On the notice bored of Adelsburg a new letter is placed. The paper is scorched, it's corners burned by flames

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"Attians! Your attempts at vanquishing my eternal flames have been nothing but failures. It amuses me, seeing how weak and fragile the mortal bodies are. It is a shame, for I've not been damaged by any of your skirmishes, but the attempts are appreciated, they've granted me amusement why I've been waiting for this shell of a body to heal. Now, my body is in it's final stages of completion and you, the Attian people will be the first to gaze upon this new corporeal form of mine."

"Let the flames consume us all. Let us unite in the holy embrace of the inferno."

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At the end of the letter there was rune, most like representing something.

Imagine giving a mage only event to a nation with near to 0 mages 💀
As on his way home when his attention was snagged by the town's notice board. Intrigued, he approached to investigate the source of interest. As he neared, Manuel's eyes fell upon the scorched letter, recently pinned to the board. The burnt edges and ominous message immediately captured his focus, compelling him to step closer for a better look. Manuel muttered to himself, "Wir haben eine Bedrohung... anscheinend. Eine Entität steht kurz davor, eine neue Form zu vollenden. Es ist an der Zeit, angemessen zu handeln und Strategien für solche Angelegenheiten zu entwickeln." Determination flickered in his eyes as walked off seemingly responsible to do something about such matter.
The furious hum of a wasp swarm nearby resonates through the air, manifesting in an erratic dance. Illusory images ripple around them, mirroring the discontent and anger of something or.. someone.
When he saw the paper he was confused for a moment, needing to remember the existence of the flaming tree as he had gotten so used to it's image. After further studying this seemed to be another monster ready to kill the thinking races of Eden as if there aren't already enough. "I wonder if someone is gonna do something about it..." He copied the weird rune into his notebook before continuing his stroll.
Dain reads the note on the notice board in southern anjyar style clothing and his hands folded behind him with his legs standing 2 ft apart It seems Hadriana is in need of mages. he says in himself with a blunt tone I guess we can fight fire with fire. he walks off looking at the dirt path infront of him and thinks lets pay them a little visit.