The Spectacle is Soon to Begin!

We're all going to die,
All of us,
What a circus!

The circus is open; the circus is grand!


[ Theme ]

Chaos swept through the lands of Eden, heralded by the shrill cries of imps! Wherever they passed, disorder and chaos followed–

» Come forth, come all, for the o’grand jester seeks assistants for his show! «

Loud shouts echo across alleys, a disorder reverberates, and inhuman voices run all through the streets. Into this show steps a new figure – The grand Sangre Noble! This jester sets the stage, looking for curious souls willing to help the magnificent circus. The imps left notes about it.
The cursive handwriting is whimsical and ornate, accompanied by a distinctive symbol at the rear of each parchment that adorns every notice board in Eden without exceptions.

Ladies and gentlemen, spirits and specters, the hour is upon us all, and my fair lady hungers!

Her feast is not yet prepared, and it's quite the shame my assistants did not help in due time– Payback comes to us all. Willing souls are summoned to help, for the grand jester demands perfection in this magnificent show!

Do you possess a hand, two, three, or four? Each limb, each heartbeat, each drop of blood is needed! As long as life courses through your veins, the circus is open, the circus is grand, and it constantly thirsts for a helping hand!
Prepare yourselves, for this show must be flawless, and so must you.

The spectacle shall commence, and thus you shall be its unwitting star!

And if you happen to be the o’such good ol’ pals that struck a deal with me... – Breakfast is waiting.

And. Time. Is. Running. Out.