Event Announcement Thi 1526 Mitrona Fair !


Mitrona's daddy, Khari'cerr

Thi 1526 Mitrona Fair

The Emerald Dusk 30/4/1526
We welcome the people of Eden to our fair for some cultural food and animals.
There will be food, shops, competitions around for those who wish to enjoy. This year thi fair will be held in Salus Limin

There will be animals to adopt, name tags, and leads available for purchase.
All of thi animals of Mitrona must be taken care of with respect.


A note would be added on the side
If wi find out there is abuse with our animals wi will hunt du ann feed du to thi wolves.

Honey Baking Contest Showdown

During the fair, amongst the citizens there will be a honey baking contest.

Rules cire simple

- No sabotaging in any form

- Must have Honey

- There will be a prize money of
50 Ⓐ

Bring me your best.

- Khari'cerr Mythanthar Vidarr

OOC: June 23rd, Thursday

12:30 PM pacific: 3:30 PM EST : 9:30 PM CEST/CDT