Server Announcement Think along! - The next CRP update.


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Discussing the next CRP update!

Greetings and salutations friends! I'm currently working on updating the CRP rules. Adding rules for the new systems, and looking at the old ones with a fresh look.
In order to ensure I can optimize the rules and make the system as a whole more enjoyable for all, I am looking for public feedback from those who are mostly using it, you all!

If you wish to contribute, please post something under this thread and be as thorough as possible!

What am I looking for in this feedback?

  • General Feedback on the CRP rules.
  • Changes/additions you would like to see and why.
  • How to handle armor and/or creature size in CRP.
  • Your own thoughts!

Please share as much as you can on CRP!
Note: Not every suggestion posted here WILL be added to the CRP rules. This thread is simply a public think tank!

I'd like to express some thoughts on the crp range, mainly in swords. A 2 block range is a tad difficult to be balanced when others can be further out, and just hit you with 3 striker before you're even in range to make your first move.

I'd suggest going back to a 4 block default for melee balance. It would require suspending realism but the way it is has in a way put sword verse Trident are a big disadvantage.

Just a thought.

Swords used to be the absolute go to because it dealt big damage, can be paired with a shield and had big range. Now, I feel they're in a perfect spot as no weapon can utilize all 3.

If you want range and damage, go for a trident. If you want damage and defence, go for a sword.

Cant have all 3!