Suggestion Time limit on re-speccing your character should be reduced.


I'm new to these forums so if I get something wrong as far as functionality goes, please let me know.

I think that the one-month cooldown you have to wait through to change the stats of your character is simply too long. It makes it really difficult to experiment with different stat builds, and if you mess up without thinking (like I did) then you're stuck with wasted points for 30 days and it makes it harder to win crp. I guess there is a lore and a practical functionality that goes with having players wait awhile before being able to change their stats, but I feel like a whole month is just too long. maybe two weeks, at least?
The ability to change stats once a month is already rather generous in my opinion. As you mention in your post, if it was more often people would abuse it in an effort to change their character to better suit a particular situation they expect to find themselves in. This defeats the purpose of a stat system, which is to define what a character is good at and what they aren't. Ours is super basic compared to something like D&D but it is still meant to prevent a character from being amazing at everything and give them some weaknesses.

The mindset of stats making it "harder to win crp" is also not a healthy mentality to have. Try to focus on the character and RP more than the combat side of things.