To discuss the Orc response - The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion


Pricecilus of Luminion, Aeromancer and Builder
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[!] Two white doves would leave the Aey'flir estate. One would head east, into the deep lush forest of Myln Arbor,
the other would fly north making it's way to the cold north of the Krüger Brewery.


To the Khari'cerr of the Mystical Empire of Mitrona and the High Kjung of the High Kingdom of Arduan, and their respectable retinues.


Vale, I hope my dove has landed safely, for the message is of great importance. Let me not twist around the point with endless swirls of magical words, but come to the essence of this message right away.

As you know, we recently sent out a message to the Ghesiri of Zadh-Nadrozz, in which we requested them to meet our company at the borders of Ilumnia. We have received a response, therefore it is but my duty to inform the signees of the original letter. The response of the Ghesiri leader is a saddening one, but nothing that was not to be expected. However, their answer does put us in a predicament in which we, those who swore to put an end to Ghesiri terrorism must come together as one and discuss our ways going forward.

This need for discussion and the importance of this matter is why I request both the Khari'cerr and High Kjung to travel to Luminion with their retinue, to officially come together and discuss the future of the resisting Ghesiri. The Marble City will offer its halls to host such a meeting, the only thing that has to be discussed is the time at which such a meeting would take place.

I hope to hear from both of you soon, and thereafter meet you and your respective retinues in the halls of Luminion.

May thi Aeri shine her light over your souls -


Cinna'Vanaris of Ilumnia