Event Announcement Training for Magia Bellum!

[!] Notes would be pinned on the bulletin boards of all major towns and cities. These letters with which these notes were written were made out of magically glowing ink! [!]


Greetings elementals of Eden,
In expectation of the grand Magia Bellum that will by hosted by the Order of Thyst,
we will hold a training for all elemental mages to attend!
Come with your teachers, come with your students and come with your fellow mages.
Let us all have a training to prepare for the duels inside the tournament.

This is a great time to share teachings, and learn from a various amount of mages to improve your magical skills!
The training is still a few saintsdays away, so you have plenty of time to travel to the location where it will be held.
Because the Order of Thyst has not yet constructed the library, the training will be held in the Orc Arena, inside the Savannah.
We hope all Mages willing to participate in the event to be there!


OOC: The event will be held Sunday 11th February, 8pm CET/2pm EST!

~ Signed, Thyst high council.
Nowu Grace

Maple Nephele
Yelran Roseshade
Krisa Grace Amadeus