Player Event ⊹˚.☼ Aestaena's Festival ☼⊹˚.


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[!] A beautifully crafted poster was pasted on the noticeboard of every nation in Eden. [!]


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With the scorching blazes of the sun and the yields of summer crops on our plates, you cannot help but think; "In what way could we possibly celebrate this?"
In Aerial, we bring to you the Aestaena's Festival!
Although the Azari'soll goddess has long ascended from this realm and has been left without children of her own, we should continue to honor her name by celebrating the love she has given us and the joys she has spread across the lands during her time. In an age where tensions may seem high and danger looks to be over the horizon, why don't we celebrate the time we have left with our friends and family?
We will have drinks and food galore that will be given for free around the stalls of Aerial's marketplace. A wide range of activities (with prizes!) will also be given out. These include String Lotteries, Watermelon Smashing, and Goldfish Scooping! There will also be time to dance to music that shall be provided by bards who wish to perform for the event!
We highly encourage you to attend this festival in your best colorful attire, or at least clothing that helps to put you in the festive spirit! At the end of the festival, we will be giving a 200@ prize to the most stunning person at the function, along with two beautifully forged circlets from our own smithy to represent the winners.
Until then, Mother guide!

P.S. Everyone is invited. Do not fear entering the Glade during this momentous occasion.
- Your Lord-Regent and Cilus, Elduin


OOC Info:
Location: Aerial's Marketplace, in front of the main gate.
Dress Code: Be as bright and colorful as possible!
Time: 15th of July (this Saturday), 3 PM EST
(Winnable prizes will be posted at a later date in the replies)
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Shalia looks absolutely DELIGHTED reading the poster as she marches back to the Arbor, desperately wishing she decided to wear shoes. Northern pine needles and rocky roads, ouch!
Aestaena's children may no longer be with us, but that doesn't mean we shouldnt honor her and what she stands for.
Watermelon Smashing Prizes
Roll a 1d20 strength check! Successfully smash the watermelon and you get to pick your prize!