Event Announcement ★ Salus Limin Art Festival ★


Forest Guardian spirit of Myln Arbor
[!] The bustling port town of Salus limin would prepare for the soon becoming Art Festival that will take place next month, pahmlets and flyers were spread throughout and pinned to boards!

★ Salus Limin Art Festival ★

- An inspiring cultural display of Azari'cerr and Mitronian Art
Pottery and Painting workshops, art will be put on display or taken home!
- Making
paper Lanterns that will be released onto the water at sunset
- Seaside view and traditional food! (Great time for a date coughs*)
- Circus Tomfoolery

There will be an
Art Contest for 200 @ !
- Attendees will be given two tokens for the top two pieces they like the most.
- First Place Prize: 200 @

- Second Place Prize: 100 @
- Third place Prize: 50 @

I didn't forget about the musicians!
For the bards that can impress the Khari'cerr will be tipping them (rolling based)

All who are allowed to be on Mitronian grounds may attend
OOC: Saturday, April 22nd at 5 pm est!
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