✧˖°˖☆˖°˖✧ The Arcane Championship of Luminion ✧˖°˖☆˖°˖✧


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A Silver phoenix would fly around Eden to spread around a piece of parchment

Greetings, to all the of mage's of Eden! I am announcing that I Eldrion Aedaere will be hosting our beloved festival The Arch Arcane Championship.
For the people that are not Azari'cill and aren't familiar with our traditions this is one of our beloved festivals,
This is to show off all our magical prowess in a magic duel where all Items and spell will be allowed!.
Of course their will be a prize pool for our top 3 Winners! :

500 Andros + Special relic - First place
350 Andros - Second place
150 Andros - Third place


OOC : April the 6th 7th and April 8th! at 19:00 CET This festival will be held on multiple days!
please Msg : Wouter#8140 on discord if you want participate!
We do multiple day's So we don't Burn our self's out with 6 hours of CRP

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