Nation Announcement 🌿 Join the Warrior of Myln Arbor! 🌿


[!] A new flier floats about the streets of Mitrona, making its way to Salus Limin and across the ocean to the colony of Sunscape [!]

🌿 Join the Warriors of Myln Arbor! 🌿

Vale all, the Warriors are seeking brave new souls to join our ranks.

As a Warrior, you will stand as a stalwart defender against any threat that dares to disturb the peace of our sacred realm. Your duties will include patrolling the verdant paths, safeguarding our inhabitants, and upholding the ancient traditions that bind us together.

Join our ranks and become a guardian of Myln Arbor, where honor and tradition intertwine amidst the whispering trees and shimmering glades. Together, let us protect this haven of tranquility for generations to come.


  • Be a citizen of Mitrona. (This should be a given)
  • Strong dedication to serving and protecting all of Mitrona with integrity and courage.
  • A willingness to lay down your own life for the protection of the Glade
  • Physical fitness and mental acuity to excel in challenging situations.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team and follow orders diligently.
  • Willingness to undergo rigorous training and uphold the values of the nation.

Should you believe yourself to be up to the task, you may seek out Tri’cilus Thaniel or Khari’Cerr N’vaestīl “Izara” Vobisere. You will undergo a short trial to determine if you are worthy. The Tri'cilus can often be found near the pit. Vale'tar and the best of luck to all applicants!

Khari’Cerr N’vaestīl “Izara” Vobisere
Tri’cilus Thaniel
OOC: Feel free to message me on discord if you want to set up a meeting assuming I'm not online. I also want to thank Haley for giving me this opportunity and am looking forward to some great rp!