1 Nation - 2 Kingdoms


I'm watching
A letter delivered by a owl of the north would slowly land by the Hadriana place. It seemed to leave an ice trail behind. As it left the letter it seemed to fly back north.


"To the Empire of Hadriana, We, the nation of Avalheim, a home to many elves, have stood in this place for dozens of years. This step, as important as you may think it, is no more than a shared banner. Avalheim will never belong to the Mystical Empire of Mitrona, Avalheim will retain its status as an independent Kingdom. You ask for a free people to hand over their homeland to a nation that disgraced them many times over? Both Kingdoms of this Confederation are peaceful at heart, and will remain so."
- Signed
Lily Roseshade
[!] Sent back a reply immediately

My dearest northern acquaintance,

You wrote your independence away when you signed that freedom away in favor of a union.
Though difficult, you can undo your mistake, or revel in its consequences. Burn the union, and peace shall be restored.