A banishment of Alinor Aerdeth


I'm watching
A letter would be pinned to the bulletin board and handed out to the guard office of Avalheim over the night


"Alinor Aerdeth has from this day and till his death been marked as banished from the Icy Domain's soil after kicking him out of his house and seeing the pile of dead bodies in his basement and the torture room I had no idea about I have decided to let this be publicly known that Alinor Aerdeth will no longer be housed nor welcomed in Avalheim. I advise other nations to follow suit from this High elf's madness of torture and murder and spread of voidal magic. I have sources that have confirmed that Alinor indeed is a voidal mage and to be more specific a necromancer, I advice other nations not to let this individual into your towns. My guards have permission to draw their blades on sight but I highly recommend you ring the bell and do not pick a fight with this person as they might seem weak but is far from it"

There for Alinor Aerdeth is banished this takes effect as of right now the 19.04.1532.

-Signed Lily Roseshade
Elduin read the notice as he walked by, on edge from recent events. He clicks his tongue, unsurprised. "I never did like Alinor. Unsure why anyone did in the first place." He huffs, departing from the reading material and rolling his eyes.
[!] A note was added to the bottom.

"Dear Lily,

He is currently in our custody and pending a Purity Trial for his Necromancy and cultist ways. If you'd like to visit his cell, send a letter and come by. We jailed him under the premise that he still lived in the Glade, as he claimed. Nonetheless, he will no longer pose an issue for you or your people.

-Kharis F."