A banishment of Badger


I'm watching
A letter would be pinned to the bulletin board across eden and handed out to the guard office of Avalheim over the night


"Badger has from this day and till his death been marked as banished from the Icy Domain's soil after talking with multiple people it has been confirmed that the goblin badger is a hemomancer and there for I will not have them in my lands and they will be killed or captured on the spot to be executed if you house this goblin I highly advise you to either hand them over to a blade of your own or throw them out. I will have all my guards on directly kill as voidal magic isn't to be toyed with. This goblin is known to either walk on 2 legs or crawl on all 4 they are covered in bandages and seem to often wear a hood"

There for the goblin badger is banished this takes effect as of right now the 26.10.1532.

If you bring the man into my causality alive so I can kill them by my own hands and confirm that they are dead I will happily pay 1k

-Signed Lily Roseshade​
Mortis would pick up the paper from the board
Some Easy money for once
Grinning to himself making plans for the raevendrechts guild notices
Caligo reads the posting with a raised brow. He didn’t know Avalheim had such a strong policy on the subject of hemomancy. Gods, Aspen was going to be devastated. Perhaps a walk through the jungle would help clear his mind…