Nation Announcement A change of national colors.


Therri'cill of Luminion, Aeromancer and your God
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*A letter with the Zaithrall seal is delivered to all citizens of the Enlightened Kingdom and the officials of all other nations and settlements on Eden.


Regarding an update of the national emblems and accompanying uniforms.

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Citizens, friends, distant relatives, and representatives of all the other realms of Eden. It is today that I can proudly announce that the Enlightened Kingdom changed its heraldry back to that of before the civil war. The red banners of the Council of Princes stuck after Therri'cill Larethael was cast out. Yet they are a painful reminder of what happens when the rightful rulers of the Enlightened kingdom are not present to guide its people.

When the Zaithralls stepped back, the Enlightened Kingdom fell swiftly into near ruin at the hands of power-hungry wolves that called themselves the loyal servants of the Phoenix Court. It is thus why the nation of Luminion will from now on go forth with the ancestral blue variant of its flag and iconography first introduced by our first Therri'cill, Tetheris I Elladris. To show potential traitors and selfish hounds that the stain of disloyalty will not last.

For those of foreign nations;

From now on, all official documents will be headed with the new blue icon as seen above. Any variants of this can be deemed forged.
The Tyr'es Alari soldiers will soon be moving towards uniforms decorated with blue cloaks.

If anyone has any questions regarding this change, I invite those who are citizens to present them during the next citizen council meeting.
For those who are foreigners, feel invited to visit the silver city or send written word back to the Royal Palace.


Therri'cill Aldir'tor Zaithrall

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