A council fractured


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[!] A scene taking place inside the palace of Al-Khadir. The situation occurs moments after the ultimatum is announced by the people. [!]


The silence inside the council room was deafening. The members of the Almajlis Ae'la sat around the table, accompanied by nobles, rulers, advisors, and other figures who once held a grain of power in Anjyarr. A few were already missing, having decided to abandon the cause in fear of their own lives. Lapis Cupiditatem, Emyhra of the Emirate of Al-Jabrid, sat closest to the door. To her side was the empty seat of Aegnern, Astisha of Lore. On the other side of the table, Şehzade Aziz sat with many different figures and empty seats. Lapis was making small talk with her godson while some of the remaining figures in their seats seemed to look around awkwardly. None knew what to say. All of them were obviously in various states of stress.

The doors swung open, causing everyone to suddenly sit up in surprise at the unknown guest. Had they come? Were the people at the door? Instead, they seemed relieved at seeing Al-Kahyn Amon and Ghazi Kassim of the Jundi step inside. They had yet to leave but, to their surprise, had remained in the city. They both stopped as they reached the table. Both seemed to wear attire more traditional to the Kha'mal tribes they originated from. Their robes were fitted for travel to traverse the great desert. It seemed as if... they were leaving. Lapis noticed this by just looking at their faces: Amons' eyes stood empty. The joy and life are evidently replaced by frustration and anger, yet also a hint of sadness. The same could be said for the giant Kassim, except that his eyes were mostly filled with rage.

"Is this all that's left of the Almajlis Ae'la?" Amon's voice, usually deep and raspy, was now devoid of its usual kindness. Kassim's gaze, fixed on Lapis, spoke volumes: they had made their decision.
"Is it?" Amon asked again, demanding an answer. Aziz stood up and cleared his throat to speak.
"The Sultana, my beloved sis—" he began but was interrupted by Kassim, who spoke in a booming baritone voice.

"Beloved? She abandoned us. I wouldn't call that Hamahr beloved." His words spat across the room. The usually calm and passive Khadan exploded with unfamiliar anger, speaking in clear Anjyarri. Aziz seemed shocked by the outburst, as if he expected to be treated with respect, even in this situation. He wouldn't get any, so he let it rest. He only nodded.

"Her abandonment speaks volumes. Finding a successor would be in the nation’s best interest, I suggest that is the next course of action." Lapis stated, looking around with a small smile, trying to bring hope into the room. Some of the other figures close to Aziz nodded, high-ranking merchants and military personnel who seemed dressed in their respected roles in society.
"Our council is fractured. Our people hate us. Declare us as villains. And you expect them to accept a successor from us?" Amons' words were as sharp as a knife. Lapis' eyes darted away from him. She had never seen this side of Amon.
"Well!?" Amon raised his voice to the people in the room. Kassim folded his arms. "Who here is worthy?" He looked around the room. "We have a respectable Emyrha-" he gestured to Lapis, "-who has done nothing but be the best for and to her people in the Emirate of Al-Jabrid. We have merchants and military personnel," He ranted on before he fell silent. His eyes flickered to Aziz, who tried to keep his composure. He knew the answer, but he had to ask.
"As heir, it is my duty. I can consult with the people. I know my bloodline has only brought instability but maybe I can do something?"

"Fuck the Nobara's," Amon spat. It was all he needed to hear from Aziz to react like this. The silence returned. Most eyes went wide in shock but none dared to speak up. Kassim could only smirk at the choice of words, indicating he, too, wanted to say it.

"And fuck your bloodline," Amon continued after a short pause. "Nahida abused our peoples' vision of her." He placed a hand on his chest, indicating himself and the other Kha'mal who had flocked to the city for Nahida. "We believed her to be the next great ruler. To be blessed by the Isik. Instead, we oversaw the downfall of a once-great nation. She abandoned us. The people hate the Nobara's. The Kha’mal no longer see her worthy. The people hate us. They call it a revolution!? I have done nothing but remain loyal to her. Yet, I heard the people. I spoke with them. I ventured to the great forest to seek them out. And all I was confronted with was reality… We have failed them." He then placed a piece of parchment on the table. It was the ultimatum the people had presented to the government. He didn't need to say anything, nor did the rest in the room.

"They say you agitated them, Al-Kahyn," said a high-class merchant in robes with embroidered gold. He smirked at his words as if suggesting Amon was part of the reason the people hated them. Yet, swallowed his pride the moment Kassim slammed on the table with an open hand, shaking the room.
"We ventured to the Tomb," Amon continued, ignoring the words. We have discovered that the body of the great Akhmat is not there." Lapis tilted her head back, remaining calm and quiet yet her scowl fixing on the table’s decor was enough to suggest her displeasure. Aziz only nodded. "Stolen by the Bone-Lord," he added.

"I suggest to try to bring the people together in a time like this." Lapis tried to offer a direction to the individuals the room. But Kassim raised his hand to her, silently telling her it was no use. Lapis's mouth fell open in response, but no words came out. She sunk back into the chair, holding her godson. Amon grabbed something from his belt and placed two envelopes on the table.

"Hereby, I, Al-Kahyn Amon Nahhid El-Rhûnakh, Astisha of Religion and History, representative of the Kha'mal people, and Ghazi Kassim Farhad, Astisha of military affairs, resign as members of the Almajlis Ae'la. Here are our formal written resignations. I already have an announcement written to the people for the complete disbanding of the Almajlis Ae'la, and I shall take the remaining Kataphracts with me." He stepped away from the table. Aziz could only look downwards. He knew what he had to do as well. Some other councilors protested, begging them both to stay so the Jundi could protect them. But Kassim could only give them a fiery stare, which shut them up instantly.

"Lapis-" Amon asked her attention in a softer voice. "Come with us. It is the best for the people," he almost begged her with an open hand gesture.
"So, this is it then? The council is no more? After everything we tried?"
"I guess so," Amon nodded and felt Lapis, her hand gently pushing his fingers to close his hand, hers remaining there for a moment before withdrawing.

"I have already taken the time to reorganize and vacate my belongings. It has been my plan to leave for a while now due to my goddaughter’s continued… disrespect and misfortunes in leadership. Apologies for keeping you in the dark, dears." she announced as she stepped beside Amon and Kassim. She turned her head to them, and the blue tiefling gave them both a soft smile. It had been a good run, but they eventually failed. Amon was the only one to smile back, feeling nothing but guilt for failing the people.
Kassim patted Amon on his shoulder, signaling it was time to go. The three turned around, but not before Amon spoke one last time to Aziz.

"At the Tomb, when I broke down, you told me you would be there for me." Aziz nodded back. His face had turned into shame, guilt, and sorrow for what was about to happen to the realm. It was still a shock to them all: so much had happened.
"I am here to you now. Make the right choice, Şehzade. I know you will," he said with a motivating smile. But it was not one of happiness. The prince knew this. Amon had guided him many times, and he would not ignore it now.
"I think it is time that my family stepped down. The Nobara rule has done enough damage to this realm. I will no longer defend this family, I want what is best for Anjyarr, and that is no longer us," he said, bowing his head, determined, having decided on what he was going to do.
With that, the council officially ran its last gathering. And in all of it, they had forgotten one key figure that remained unaccounted for.


In the mirror hall, the great seat of power of the Sultanate, a dark elf prince opened the doors. Rayyan casually strolled in, hands folded behind the back of his suit of brass-colored armor, towards the throne where his once great-sister sat—a sister who had now abandoned the people, abandoned him. Upon walking up the steps to the throne, he smiled as his hand caressed the wooden armrest. He overlooked the seat, the emerald gem on the decorative headrest that stood above the ruler who sat on it. He had already taken the first step of taking hold of the Jundi while Kassim casually left it. It was time for him to show the world he was deserving. Not his worthless brother, Aziz. He would show the people who ruled the great desert. He would restore order, balance, and prosperity. It was his destiny. These mere rebels were simply a minor issue to be dealt with. And with these thoughts, he sat down on the throne. His arms were placed on the sides, overlooking the great mirrored hall as he folded his right leg over the other. He needed to do what was necessary for the Sultanate to survive. And no one was going to stand in his way.

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