Event Announcement A Crimson Funeral


*A notice would be posted across Eden for those who would pay their respects.*

For those of you who have yet to hear the news, Jolie Elaine Lovell has passed on. In the spirit of honoring her life and actions a funeral will be held in Salus Limin to commemorate her life and the lives she touched. This will be a formal occasion in which food and drink will be provided as we all together mourn the loss of a dear friend and to some, family member. Those attending are asked to wear red, or to bring red tulips, as that was the flowers she'd so mirthfully mentioned when discussing her wish not to be forgotten and visited often. We will all gather within Salus Lumin's Tavern, where stories and final words may be shared amongst the grieving. From there, it is asked all travel in silent remembrance as we travel to the grave site and attend to the body being put to rest. Those who desire to speak in the tavern before our ascent to the grave site should contact High Councilor Apollon Lovell regarding their desired speech for approval. A solemn thank you, and compassion is given to all those who attend or wished too and find themselves busy with more pressing matters.

Sunday 5/19 at 3pm EST

~High Councilor Apollon Lovell
Saintsday 8, Newdawn, 1547

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After a few days eventually the pastel pink tiefling also got her eyes resting on the notice, taking her time reading it. Through-out her expression did not change, staying a neutral blank unshowing of any emotion. She lowered her gaze a bit once she finished reading, a sigh leaving her "May the fla-.. No, may the tides guide her path as the flames guide me." Nowù spoke out before heading on with her day.

A young azari'cerr with the eyes of a 'lunn entered the city once more after some more time within the forest, casually wandering through the streets until she stumbled upon the notice, taking an intrigue in the official look of the letter. Iliyana carefully read the paper, whispering a quick prayer to the forest as she finished before saying a few words aloud;
"Thank you for allowing my brothers to take refuge in your nation" Iliyana then ran off, climbing the roofs to jump over them, allowing the news to settle in.

Wandering around a certain azari'lunn peered over the notice, forming a grin on her face "Live in life and leave the dying to the death." Is all she said before wandering off.
Sails flittered through the wind as a wood elf was making her way from the dock to a ship. Naevys was ruminating in her thoughts and with a flick of her hat, she took her last step onto the ship. Suddenly, a page boy sprinted at full speed down the docks with a paper in hand, waving the letter. Turning her head at the commotion the page boy shouted "Miss Naevys! Miss Naevys! Urgent letter for you!" She dipped her head and promptly opened the letter, reading over its contents.
A solemn expression passed over her features as she repeatedly read over and over it's contents of the tragic news.
"I thought I had more time..."She muttered to herself as she whispered inconsolably about her closest friend. "Kharash will guide her soul now. She is within his embrace." She swirled her arm in the air as a motion to change course, setting back to a home she had been away from for far too long.