Nation Announcement A Decision


A messenger would step off the ferry to Avalheim, letter in hand letting out a shiver as they began to stroll into a city before letting out a sigh of relief at the phrase “Everything is fine, in Avalheim!” right? heading towards the town hall before dusting themself off at the gate

Upon opening the letter the Coat of Arms of Mitrona can be seen

A Decision


Vale, Lily Roseshade

It has been decided to revoke your requested access to the ‘Soll ruins for a dig-site by the executive decision of the Tri’cilus and the High Council of the Mystical Empire.

We will not and do not associate with anyone who approves of aiding in Voidal activity. The Mystical Empire will not tolerate the acquisition of ancient relics for or the suggestion of using or defying ancient relics for their own potential benefits or contributing to the Lilith.

Khari’cerr, Aedan Pineblossom
High Councilor, Ekarus Grace
High Councilor, Faiir Chamaire
Tri’cilus, Arlena

*A letter sealed in red wax would be sent in return with a rose stamp on it*

"I read the post myself and I can see why you wish to do this, I will stop at once though I do wish for you to read the rest of this letter.
I only know the woman named Ash even then I have spoken with her once or twice in the past. I had no idea she was connected to voidal things until that post was sent out. As for the second person? I have no idea who they are or where they are from, never heard their name. Besides that, I feel like the acquisitions are a little vague. I'm aware from a friend I spoke with on this matter that the so-called Ash person lives in Hadriana land. Why would Argyle not point them out? Me and Argyle have always had beef over him attacking my wife over an action and old mitrona citizen did, though Im not here to create bad blood. Im a nation of peace, I banished 2 voidal mages in the past and will keep doing if they start showing up often. I would even allow you to search my town if you so wish. Hope you will consider my words

- Lily Roseshade"
Good call, avalheim has a history of harboaring voidal mages
do not let necromancers defile elven history for their own selfish power