A Decree of Recognition

[!] Posted in all public notification areas within the Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion, its extended territories, the lands of its allies, and places beyond where one may reasonably read it is a poster bearing the familiar sigil of the Silver Pheonix. This official decree from the homeland of the Azari bears an important message targeted toward one individual- Alwith Gaethifeth. The contents are read below. [!]




By Decree of the Enlightened Kingdom,

The recently selected Scinari'cilus, Alwith Gaethifeth, has been challenged on the subjects of her purity, her standing, her devotion, and her honor. Such accusations describe a heinous dereliction of duty alongside an incompetence that has disrespected the highest echelons and lowest gutters of our holy nation all the same. Neglecting to defend ones self and partake in such a fundamental root of our Mother's holiest culture is tantamount to the most extreme of shames that could be burdened by a soul. It is by this decree that the Enlightened Kingdom and all branches of its governance recognize the challenge and await the response of the accused.

Alwith Gaethifeth, you are hereby summoned to the courts of Luminion to stand in defense against this challenge, or to admit your wrongdoings and face the Mother's consequence. Failure to comply with this summon will result in an immediate response; your citizenship will be revoked, you will be charged with the highest form of treason available to the process of our Governance, and your purity credentials will be eradicated. Your family will be ruined. Your children, their children, their family! All of them: pariahs! Outlaws! Hunted and on the run for the rest of their days, until we the Mother's Hand find them and nail each and every last one to our walls.
It has been several days since the challenge was issued. You have 3 more to comply before this ruling will be final. Ensure your choice is the right one. We await you in the Mother's Halls.


The Enlightned Kingdom of Luminion
Therri'cill Aldir’tor Zaithrall
Silver Cloak
Fynenar Aey'flir
Captain Ya'el Othorion


A copy of the challenge has been folded and secured at the bottom of the poster for all to read.